Bank Transfer using SAP DME File

After Payroll is executed , SAP DME  process will transfer payment amounts to employee’s bank account. To execute bank transfer you need to complete 2 steps STEP 1 ) Run Preliminary DME Program. Transaction:  PC00_MXX_CDTA    , XX =  Country Molga Overview: – This program prepares the payroll results for the DME (Data Medium […]

Time constraints in SAP HR

Time Constraint: If you create a new record when a previous record already exists, the system reacts in one of the following ways: it delimits, extends, splits, or deletes the record.  The system reaction depends upon the time constraint. The time constraint is a characteristic of infotypes and subtypes. In the […]

Create Business partners – Person, Organization, Group

The following SAP CRM training guide how to create business partners- Person, Organization, group step by step. In our previous training tutorials we have learnt overview of business partner and business partner groupings. Lets learn how to create Business partners (Person) in SAP Step 1: – Enter transaction code “BP” in the SAP command field and […]

Define partner determination procedure in SAP CRM

The following SAP CRM training guides how to define partner determination procedure in SAP step by step. In our previous SAP Customer Relationship Management training tutorials we have learnt how to assign product hierarchies for campaign. Step 1: – Enter transaction code “SPRO” in the command field and press enter. Step 2: – On […]

How to Define Business Partner Roles in SAP CRM

Define Business Partner Roles- The following SAP CRM training tutorials guide how to define business partner roles and BP roles categories step by step. In our previous SAP CRM tutorials we have learnt about business partners overview and how to assign number ranges to Business partners. Step 1: – You can define business […]

Business Partner Grouping in SAP CRM

A business partner grouping categorizes the business partners and it is also called as Number range. During Business partners creation, the number assignments will be determined by a grouping. Number ranges are divides to two types.Internal Number range– When you are creating new business partner, the systems atomically assign number from the […]

Business Partners in SAP CRM

Business partners can be a person or groups of persons or organizations such as firms, branch offices etc. Business partners are any parties are any persons who are interested for business interacting with company are considered as business partners. Business partners may be sold to party, ship to party, contact persons, etc. Business […]

The Future of SAP HCM On-Premise

This week I had the opportunity to attend the SAPinsider event, HR Innovations 2019. This event had a familiar look and feel to past SAPinsider HR events like HR2012 – HR2017, albeit on a much smaller scale. Held at the Bellagio in Las Vegas, this event was co-located with the annual […]

Steps to configure Absence Quotas

I have recently configured some absence quotas for a project I am working on. Reading the discussions in the forum, I notice just how many other consultants are experience problems when configuring them. I always refer to a check list (as I don’t ever rely on my memory!) and wondered […]

Infotypes in Time Management

IT0007 – Planned Working Time IT2001 – Absence – You record a variety of absences in this infotype IT0082 – Additional Absense Data IT2002 – Attendance – You record a variety of attendances in this infotype IT2003 – Substitution IT2004 – Availability IT2005 – Overtime IT2006 – Absence Quota IT0005 […]