Script Recording & Playback for Dummies

This document will explain how to automate the execution of steps in SAP using the Script Recording and Playback. You should be able to make your own script by following this document. It is not necessary to have programming knowledge. You can use Script to automate business transactions, to automate […]

SAP GUI Script Recording & Playback for mass password resets

This document will explain how to automate the SAP User-id password resets using the Script Recording and Playback. You can able to make the script on your own by following this document and programming knowledge is not required. Script recording Following screenshots show how to record and create the script […]

Use of * in offset processing

Generally when we try to access a string greater than its length it gives  dump. Example 1: REPORT y_offset_process. DATA: w_char TYPE c, w_string TYPE string. w_string = sy-abcde. w_char = w_string+26(1).  When you execute this program you get a dump.This is due to w_string is length of 26 and you […]

String Comparison operators

The following description shows the comparison operators for comparisons between character-type operands. In ABAP as standard, trailing blanks are taken into account for operands of type string and are not taken into account for operands of type c, d, n and t. 1.CO(contains Only): If operand1 contains only the characters […]

Handling critical fields in abap program

Sometimes there might be scenarios wherein we need to format the report programs according to some specific conditions.Abap provides wide scope for performing these kinds of operations. Some examples: 1. If we need to delete all program which has been created by specific user or program created in between specific […]

Steps to Customize infotypes

Follow the steps for Custom infotype creation and Screen assignment for that new custom Info type : 1) Go to Transaction PM01. 2) Enter the custom Infotype number which you want to create (Should be a 4 digit number, start with 9). 3) Select the `Employee Infotype’ radio button. 4) […]

Creating custom object in OM and assigning it a number range

The given document explains how to create a custom object (and allowed relationships) and assign number range to it. Example: Create a custom organization unit (9O) and assign it to IT 1000 (Object), 1001 (Relationships), 1008 (Acct Assignment Features), 1011 (Work Schedule). Assign 9O the number range of 2001 – […]

Payroll PCR for Advance Payment and Automatic Reversal

Introduction: In this blog I want to explain about a unique scenario, where a client wants to reverse an advance payment made in payroll which has to be recovered when the final claim was not made by the employee with in a mentioned period of time. This has to happen […]

Rounding Issue in SAP Time Management

Working in SAP I’m sure that we can all agree that one thing always remains true, which is there is always something new to learn. I truly hope that this blog helps those who are perhaps facing the same issue. The Requirement: I received a requirement from my client to […]

Organization Management Q&A

1. Is it good to create the Organizational Structure in Golden client and transport it to Testing, Quality & Production Clients. Or should the organization structure be created differently in all the 3 clients.             ANS:1 It is pretty much advisable to upload the Org structure.. as per my experience you will […]