Third Party Deductions_Chapter VI_A Exemptions U_S 80 and U_S 88

Third Party Deductions –Chapter VI-A Exemptions U/S 80 and U/S 88 Dear Gurus, This document illustrates the phenomenon of mapping the Third Party Deductions as the exemptions under the Section 80 and 88. The Investments and Contributions in 0585 and 0586 infotypes are termed as the Exemptions under the Section […]

Sodexho Exemption-Indian Payroll

                                                                               Sodexho Exemption                   […]

Professional Tax – Maharashtra and Form16-Summary of Payslip

Professional Tax – Maharashtra & Form16-Summary of Payslip Component Version: SAP ECC 6.0   *Release: 604   Level: 0046       Highest Support Pack level: *SAPKE60460 Dear Gurus, This document comprises the steps for configuring the Professional Tax for Maharashtra. Unlike the other states Maharashtra professional tax will be calculated in a specific manner. The PTax Slab rates for pertaining […]

Payroll India Professional Tax

Professional Tax calculation varies from one state to another, and you must define the Professional Tax calculation rules applicable to the employees depending on the state in which they are working. In the system you organize your employee information within Personnel Areas and Personnel Subareas. This identifies the state of employment. Within a […]

HINUINFU Report does not update the Corrosponding Infotype of the Employee

Problem Description HINUINFU does not update the corrosponding Infotype correctly in Income tax declaration application. Resolution Steps 1. First of all please make sure HRXSS_PER_BEGDA should be implemented correctly. Like as follows method IF_EX_HRXSS_PER_BEGDA~DEFAULT_DATE. if infty = ‘0585’ or infty = ‘0586’ or infty = ‘0185’. begda = ‘20120401’. endif. […]

ESI-Employee State Insurance

Purpose This wiki explains the system behavior during Employee State Insurance (ESI) deduction for new hired employees  in the month of hiring. ESI is not being deducted for employees in the month of joining. Overview 1. An employee is eligible for ESI only if, (a) Other Statutory DeductionsInfotype (0588) Subtype […]

HK_MPF calculation for the terminated employees when back payment happens

E.g. EE hired on Jan, 1st 2008; terminated from May 10th 2009 . In June,  adjust EE’s salary for May which will cause a back payment in June. Why the employee’s MPF is not calculated in June’s payroll run? – Make sure you are using /124 as contribution base, as difference […]

How to Restore Query into Older Version

Purpose To outline the procedure to restore queries that have been migrated to 7.0 back to 3.x. Overview Once older verion (3.x) queries are migrated into latest version (7.0), Query can be restored to 3.x after migration. The backup for any query created in 3.x will be taken when first […]

SAP PP – Production Orders

A production order is used to define the material to be produced, plant location where production has to be done, date and time of production, and quantity of goods required. A Production Order also defines which components and sequence of operations are to b used and how the order costs are to […]