Enhancing the List Screen

Procedure Choose Enhance List Screen. In the Infotype Number field, enter the four-digit number of the infotype you want to enhance. You must enter leading zeros for the infotype number. Enter the screen number of the list screen you want to enhance (usually screen number 3000 for infotypes without versions). Choose Generate Objects. You see the message ZPLISnnnn does […]

Enhancement of standard OM infotypes

We know that PA infotypes can be created and enhanced very easily using PM01 tcode. We rarely need a business scenario wherein we require to enhance OM infotypes. However, recently I encountered one such scenario and though of sharing my work so others can find it useful if any such […]

Define Budget Tolerance limits

Budget Tolerance Limits The following SAP training tutorials guides you how to define budget tolerance limits in SAP step by step. In our previous training tutorials we have learnt how to maintain budget profile and maintain number ranges for budgeting. You can maintain tolerance limits in SAP by using the […]

Maintain Budget Profile for Projects

Budget profile for projects The following training tutorials guides you how to maintain budget profile for projects in SAP step by step. You can define budget profile for projects by using one of the following navigation method. SAP IMG Path: – SPRO >> IMG (F5) >> Project system >> costs […]

Create number ranges for budgeting

Number ranges for Budgeting The following sap training tutorials guides you how to create number ranges for budgeting in SAP step by step. In our previous training tutorials we have discussed about how to maintain budget profile in SAP You can maintain number ranges for budgeting in SAP by using […]

How to add the authority of SAP_ALL

REPORT ZTESTCREATEUSER. data: l_USR04 LIKE USR04 , l_UST04 LIKE UST04 , l_PROFS LIKE USR04-PROFS , l_USRBF2 like USRBF2 occurs 0 with header line, l_userid like usr01-bname. TABLES : usr01. SELECT-OPTIONS: p_user FOR USR01-BNAME . START-OF-SELECTION. select single * into l_USR04 from USR04 where BNAME in p_user. move ‘C SAP_ALL’ to […]

Debugging Payroll. Useful places to set a break-point

After Debugging the Payroll Schema  article, I thought it would be interesting to share some of the  places where I set a break-point when I need to investigate a recurrent issue. If you think the issue is a bug, you may search correction SAP notes using the abap code as a search term […]

Half day absence not prorating basic remuneration Wage Types

Symptom Half day absence (Or generically, less than one day) is not causing salary reduction in the Factoring payroll subschema. Cause You are using standard payroll period factors /801 or /802. Either /801 and /802 don’t consider less than one day absences. In the international schema X000 you can see how […]

Payroll Process log shows following error “RGDIR entry already exists”

When calculating payroll with the payroll program (RPCALC*0 / H**CALC0), simulations are possible, but real executions cannot be totally finished. Process log shows following error: “RGDIR entry already exists”. This usually happens when table RGDIR is manipulated inside a customer function and the original table is not restored. It may […]

Maintain Processing, Evaluation and Cumulation Classes

Target As you know, wage type is very important in SAP HCM module and normally you change wage type’s properties (Processing Classes, Evaluation Classes or Cumulation Classes) in V_512W_D with T-Code SM30/ SM31 in order fit payroll processes with customer’s expectations. This document will share you where you can maintain […]