Assignment ID: Managing Employee ID across SAP SuccessFactors and SAP Suite

The rapidly evolving Human Experience Management space creates the need for a highly integrated ecosystem, which in turn demands the employee information or data to be versatile in nature. For example, if we consider SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central and Employee Central Payroll applications, they both are seamlessly integrated with one […]

WPBP split or payroll split

When you run a personnel action on the middle of the month, it will cause a split in the payroll period. Depending on the customizing of view V_530_E, field ‘Account.split’ (PERSP), it will generate a WPBP split or a payroll split at the moment of running payroll: Period split for […]

Enable log of changes in SAP HCM

Enabling the creation of change documents is done through customizing path Personnel Management –> Personnel Management –> Tools -> Review –> Define document modification. The configuration of this functionality is done in three steps, which we will explain below: Definition of relevant infotypes for the record: in this step, we indicate that infotypes are likely managed in the log. Defining groups of fields infotype: within each infotype the relevant fields to indicate that recording is the change log. Fields are organized into groups, so that when you make a change to any of the fields in the group, information […]

User Exit to Default values in PA Infotypes

There are different ways to default values in the infotype. Some of them are listed below: 1. Using dynamic actions. 2. Using user exit/BADI. 3. Using SAP provided features(PE03). In this tutorial, we will see as how to default values in infotype using user exit. In SAP HR, we have a very […]

The 5 Commonly Used SAP HCM Features

Hello Everyone, I would like to share a few quite useful SAP HCM features with you, In this blog post, we will be focusing on the subject of defaulting values of certain infotype fields by using HCM features. Please use PE03 transaction to reach features initial screen. See below figure : Features: […]

BADI to Default values in PA Infotypes

In this tutorial, we will see how to use BADI to default values in PA Infotypes. This tutorial will show how we will default values using a BADI and we will be using the same business scenario as used earlier in the User Exit to Default values in PA Infotypes tutorial, where […]

Using Feature to Default values in Infotype (Programmatically)

In this document, we will see how to use feature to default values in Infotype field. We will be using feature ‘TARIF’ to default pay scale type/ pay scale area fields in IT0008. 1. Following structure [PME01 structure in SE11 tcode] is available for which the we can filter the values upon certain conditions […]

Addtional Actions – Infotype 0302-On Same Day Of Hiring-SAP HR

Additional Actions (0302) Dear Gurus, As Hiring action is Time Constraint “1”, another actions like Transfer, Termination, and Promotion Not Possible on the same Day for the same “PERNR”. However there will be instances like Transfer, Termination, and Promotion for the employee on the joining date. This is possible through […]

What does RPA have to do with HCM and Payroll?

Understanding how Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is a game-changer for Human Capital Management. I remember the first time I saw a Microsoft Excel macro in action. I was thrilled that it automated some routine Microsoft Excel formatting and calculations so efficiently for me, all after I recorded a simple repetitive […]

Can AI and Machine Learning be used in HXM?

Artificial Intelligence in Human Experience Management (HXM) When I ask people if they are familiar with Artificial Intelligence (AI), I often get a positive response but the answer is usually in the context of movies and entertainment. Some great examples exist, Ex machina and WestWorld to name a few but […]