SuccessFactors Support Model Using an Agile Approach

As we see more companies moving to an agile way of working, we often have our clients requesting how to adapt this approach for their SAP SuccessFactors system support. What is Agile Agile is a time-boxed, iterative approach to software delivery that builds software solutions incrementally from the start of the project, […]

Absence quotas in concurrent employment in SAP HR

8 hours in debugger and I became pretty familiar with SAP concurrent employment and absence quotas in this functionality. While it was introduced really a long time ago, there are a few sources of documentation. Let’s dive into it right away. We have global employee who temporary assigned to another […]

GDPR – Read Audit

In the digital world we live in, we like to have all data at our fingertips, but what data do we need in order to complete our work? What should we have access to? One of the seven key principles of GDPR is data minimization. This means that we should […]

How SAP Custom Cumulation Wage Types Solved a Mid-Year Merger Problem in 401(K) Processing

When one of my clients acquired another company in the middle of a fiscal year, it presented me a new challenge in not only helping them manage a new 401(K) cumulation and reporting process but also maintaining their current method. I want to share what I learned and the solution […]

How to add standard infotype to PPOME tab

So we have standard infotype which is not shown in PPOME transaction. We want to add standard infotype to PPOME tab to help users enter data. Let’s take infotype 1039 “Shift group” for our example. Usually, we use it for shift planning in time management (transaction PP61). It’s recorded for […]

How to create Master Inspection Characteristic

In SAP QM, Master Inspection Characteristic ( MIC ) is a characteristic in physical or chemical property of the product that the company want to monitor and control from a quality view. There are two type of Master Inspection Characteristic. 1.Qualitative characteristic is attributes of product in non numerical qualities […]

How to create Inspection Lot Manually in SAP

You can configure the inspection lot will be created after goods movement is created. However in some case the inspection lot may not be required at the time of the goods movement is performed. If your company decide that you should allowed to create the inspection lot manually for certain […]

Evaluate Indirect Wage amounts using FM RP_EVALUATE_INDIRECTLY_P0008

Indirect Evaluation is a method to calculate the eligible amounts for some of the wage types. INVAL is the Indirect Evaluation Module used to meet the Indian specific business requirements. INVAL calculates the eligible amounts for certain wage types that are defaulted into the Basic Pay infotype (0008) or entered […]

How to enhance the Standard Infotypes

Sometimes, you need to create additional field in a infotypes and you can enhance it using PM01 transaction code. for example we will to enhance the screen of infotype 4001 ( Applications ) to add two fields Now go to transaction PM01, select SingleScrn, enter Infotype No and Version and […]

SAP : Surrounded by Change, Businesses Transform on Their Terms with SAP Preferred Success

People are well aware of the power of technology to drive meaningful change. They feel it in their gut that digital leadership is critical, even to the point where their IT and business strategies are one and the same. This understanding is evident whenever business leaders say they want to […]