Operations VARST, HRS and ADDDB Illustrated By Means of a Sample Personnel Calculation Rule

An employee works each day for an hour longer than is stipulated in his or her collective agreement. The employee is assigned one hour’s time credit for each paid workday. The time credit determined is posted to the time type Compensation Time . Explanation 1 D VARSTFREE Decision operation: Does the daily […]

Operations VARST, HRS, and ADDDB

Definition Operations VARST, HRS, and ADDDB are used frequently in time evaluation. They illustrate the options available to you for customizing personnel calculation rules. Structure Operation VARST Operation VARST is only used as a decision operation. You can use it to query general status fields (values from tables, infotypes, data […]

Schemas and Functions in Time Evaluation

Definition The individual steps in schema processing are performed in a specific order in time evaluation. The sequence of steps is specified in Customizing tables, and is referred to as a schema . It determines the order in which the processing steps are executed in time evaluation. You can customize the schemas […]

Evolution of SAP ERP Integration: Navigating Changes in IDOC Handling for Inbound Deliveries

Background: In the realm of SAP, clients frequently necessitate capturing custom fields (Z fields) on inbound deliveries that are not inherently part of the standard SAP Inbound delivery structure. In earlier versions like SAP ERP 5.0, consultants extended the IDOC structure (Basic IDOC Type: DESADV03) to capture Z fields, utilizing […]

EOIO Queue Message processing in SAP PO and S4HANA

We have requirement that PP115 and QM55 interfaces are combination of batch characteristics and process order update from MES -> SAP PO -> SAP S4HANA. MES system generate either batch characteristics or process order update or both as XML file. The process order number always to be there in SAP […]

How to Create GST Tax Codes in SAP S/4HANA

The first GST was implemented in India on 1st July 2017. It is a single Taxation system applicable across India. The different types of GST that are applicable in India are CGST (Central Goods and Service Tax) SGST (State Goods and Service Tax) IGST (Integrated Goods and Service Tax) UTGST […]

MTS, MTO, ATO, CTO, ETO… Strategies to connect Sales with Production

The interface between the Sales and Production departments is a critical one. Very often the two departments work in silos. All strategies discussed here, are at the crossroads between demand and supply. It is a goal to be agile and fulfill every customers wish on time and on quantity, but […]

Step by step introduction to set up and run a SAP PP Long Term Planning Scenario.

SAP PP Long Term Planning (LTP) Overview Long-term planning (LTP) Is SAP PP procedure in which the simulative MRP run is used by production planners to compare various production scenarios concerning material requirement, vendor availability, and capacity planning for all materials listed in the Bill Of Materials (BOM). Using LTP, planners are […]

Baseline SAP PP Configuration Steps

Purpose: Purpose of this blogpost for understanding about baseline SAP PP Configuration steps of S4Hana, this blog consists of a comprehensive configuration screenshots of Production Planning, based on SAP S4Hana. Use: Baseline SAP PP configuration to execute manufacturing transactions for business run without any hassle. The configuration steps have mappings to corresponding […]

SAP PP Overview

Hello Guys, This document is basically for those who are new in SAP PP module. We have so far seen the Master data and production planning steps in PP. In this document we will go thru the nuts and bolts of Production Execution. Alright lets breeze through this. There are […]