Create Costing Variant in SAP

Create Costing variant The following SAP training tutorials guides you how to create costing variant in SAP step by step. You can maintain costing variant in SAP by using one of the following navigation method. SAP Menu Path: – SPRO -> IMG -> Project system -> Costs -> Planned costs -> Manual […]

Profile Assignment via OM

In the last article we have already looked at the process of indirect role assignment through OM objects. SAP provides another option to achieve indirect assignment of security through the org structure of the enterprise. This method involves indirect assignment of authorization profiles. Though much less common now-a-days as most companies have […]

DFCON & ORGPD – Auth Switches

My apologies if the title of the post make no sense. Probably that’s because of the relatively niche nature of the topic. However, in the last few months, I have come across a few installations where people have run into issues due to security configuration around access to non integrated […]

Define Credit Control Area for Customer in SAP

The credit control area is an organizational unit that specifies and checks a credit limit for customers. Credit control area can includes one or more company codes.   Steps to Define Credit Control Area Transaction Code to Define Credit Control Area – OB45 IMG Menu Path : SPRO –> Implementation Guide –> Enterprise […]

Configuration of Functional Area in SAP FICO | Define Functional Area

Functional Area in SAP Definition of  Functional Area in SAP:- Functional Area is a organisational unit in accounting that classifies the expenses of an organisation by functions. Uses of  Functional Area :- TheFunctional area in SAP is use to create P&L  A/C in Financial Accounting using cost of sales accounting and used […]

Define Business Area in SAP FICO | How to Create Business Area in SAP

Define Business Area in SAP Definition of  Business area :- Business area is a separate area of operations or responsibilities of organizational units of financial accounting that is used for internal and external reporting . Different divisions of each business with in a legal entity are created as Business areas for reporting of […]

BDocs (Business Document) in SAP CRM

BDocs stands for Business Document, used for the data exchange and processing in a SAP CRM system environment. BDocs are used to carry business object as a single unit so the individual tables are not required to be transferred. CRM middleware connects the CRM system and ECC systems, middleware helps to […]

What is SAP CRM Middleware

What is SAP CRM Middleware CRM Middleware: – Middleware helps to connect SAP CRM with other systems like SAP ECC and any other systems. By using middle ware we can exchange the different types of business objects from one system to another systems. The important business objects are like Customers , products, […]

Define transaction types for Service Order in CRM Systems

Define transaction types for service order The following SAP CRM training guides how to define transaction types for service orders in SAP CRM step by step. In our previous training tutorials we have learnt how to define number ranges for CRM service transaction in SAP. Transaction types enables the properties and characteristics of a business […]

Define Number Ranges for CRM Service Transaction

Number Ranges for CRM Service Transaction The following SAP CRM training guides how to maintain number ranges for CRM service transactions in CRM systems step by step. In our previous SAP CRM tutorials we have learnt how to define organization data profile for Sales and service scenarios. You can create number ranges for […]