Business Partners in SAP CRM

Business partners can be a person or groups of persons or organizations such as firms, branch offices etc. Business partners are any parties are any persons who are interested for business interacting with company are considered as business partners. Business partners may be sold to party, ship to party, contact persons, etc. Business […]

The Future of SAP HCM On-Premise

This week I had the opportunity to attend the SAPinsider event, HR Innovations 2019. This event had a familiar look and feel to past SAPinsider HR events like HR2012 – HR2017, albeit on a much smaller scale. Held at the Bellagio in Las Vegas, this event was co-located with the annual […]

Steps to configure Absence Quotas

I have recently configured some absence quotas for a project I am working on. Reading the discussions in the forum, I notice just how many other consultants are experience problems when configuring them. I always refer to a check list (as I don’t ever rely on my memory!) and wondered […]

Infotypes in Time Management

IT0007 – Planned Working Time IT2001 – Absence – You record a variety of absences in this infotype IT0082 – Additional Absense Data IT2002 – Attendance – You record a variety of attendances in this infotype IT2003 – Substitution IT2004 – Availability IT2005 – Overtime IT2006 – Absence Quota IT0005 […]

Quota Corrections (IT 2013)

Quota Corrections: This Infotype is used to change the Accrual of the Absences by Time evaluation on a particular day. The infotype information entered is taken into consideration when you run the Time Evaluation next time. There are three options in order to Change the Accrual Entitlement. Increase Generated Entitlement. This option is […]

Customising Tables for InfoTypes

List of Customising Tables, Table Names with Features for Info Type 0000, 0001, 0002, 0006, 0008, 0009. Actions – IT 0000   VV_T588C_G_AL0 User Group Dependency on Menus and Info Groups V_T588D Info Group Feature: IGMOD Info Group modifier VV_T529U_1__AL0 Status Values (Customer-Specific Status) T529A Personnel Action Types V_529A_B Priority […]

PA OM Integration Basic Settings

Introduction This article will provide you with common settings to check whether the integration switch has been correctly setup in your system. Activating integration has the following effects: Changes to Organizational Management objects (organizational unit, job, position, cost center) relevant to integration are transferred to Personnel Administration Changes to the […]

Time Manangement (Schema, PCR, Functions and Operations)

1. Schemas in Time Mgmt TM00   Time Evaluation with Personnel Time Events Schema TM00 is primarily used to evaluate the time data of employees who have recorded their actual times at time recording terminals or PDC systems, or in the Time Events infotype (2011). TM01   Time Evaluation for […]

Stock Transfer and transfer posting Steps in SAP

Stock transfer Stock transfer is nothing but transferring of materials from one plant to another storage location, from plant to plant, plant of company code to plant of another company code. When the stock transfer happens between plants, then the quantity changes in both plants. Transfer  posting Transfer  posting is […]

Post Goods Issue in SAP

Goods Issue The following training tutorials explains briefly about good issue and how to post goods issue in SAP step by step. Goods issue is a movement of goods which the materials are issued or drawn to customers is posted. In the SAP system when store persons do transaction goods […]