Service Reports in PY-RU

H99CWTR0 – Wage Type Reporter

RPCPAYRU_TAXINCOM_LIST – List of Income Tax Classes with all Customized Wage Types
HRUUTED0 – Program for HR-CIS forms editing.
RPUFIXDS – Program for fixing errors in master data.
FP_CHK_REPORT – Program for pdf check (with object item USABILITY-001)
RPDLGA20 – Description of wage type characteristics (processing class, valuation basis and so on)
HRUURLSC – Check legal structure consistency
HRUAORD0 – Personnel Order Management. Here name of group order can be changed for all persons at the same time. It’s more suitable to edit orders here than via transaction pa30 IT0298
RPUGDF00 – Program for creation functional modules for dislpaying in log internal tables used in payroll or time management
RPUCT300, RPUCT700 – generate include PCASFRU0 from t52a0
H99UMACROGENERATOR – program makes relevant changes based on payroll result structure (ex. paykz_result) changes in various payroll includes
HRULXTV0 – for temse file viewing (RSV1, FSS)
HRUAORD0 – Personnel order managemet. Here orders can be viewed. View T7RUR0: forms for orders and their type (field Document type) should be specified in this table.
RPTUPD00 – Revaluation of Attendance/Absence Records using Batch Input
RPUDEL20 – Mass deletion of payroll results (for several periods for example)
RSPARAM – List of all sap profile parameters
RPUCTX00 – Copy Personnel Calculation Rules from Client 000 to Other Clients.
RPDASC00 – Expanding payroll schema (all rules are axpanded)
RPUCTF00 – Get authorization for changing of payroll rules
RPUCTP00 – Creation of payroll periods

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