Important Authorization Objects

SAP delivers ECC 6.0 with more than 3000 authorization objects. Remembering even a tiny fraction of the total number is a daunting task. SAP help provides adequate documentation on the fields and use of most, if not all, the delivered objects. So instead of repeating existing information here, I would just mention a few  of the existing authorization objects and their applications.

  • Tables – Security for tables are controlled through three authorization objects, S_TABU_DIS (based on the table authorization group), S_TABU_CLI (security for client independent tables) and S_TABU_LIN (row level access to tables).
  • Reports – Reports/Executable programs (Executable programs are just one of many different types of programs) can be protected through S_PROGRAM. S_PROGRAM checks if the executing user has access to the program authorization group maintained as a program attribute.
  • Background Jobs – The basic object is S_BTCH_JOB. To administer jobs created by other users, users would also need S_BTCH_ADM. To schedule jobs with the access of another user would require S_BTCH_NAM.
  • Spools – S_ADMI_FCD,  S_SPO_ACT, S_SPO_DEVand S_SPO_PAGE. S_SPO_ACT can be used to give access to spools with specific authorization values. S_ADMI_FCD in addition to spools controls access to a lot of system administration/Basis function.
  • User/Roles – A number of authorizations like S_USER_AGR, S_USER_AUT, S_USER_GRP, S_USER_OBJ, S_USER_PRO, S_USER_SAS. You can segregate the access for role administration with that of user administration by use of these objects.
  • BDC Sessions – S_BDC_MONI. Batch Sessions are one of the possible ways of loading data intoSAP. Sessions are monitored through the SM35 transaction. S_BDC_MONI allows security on session names and the possible activites (process, lock, delete) on sessions.
  • ABAP Work Bench – Access to ABAP development objects is controlled through S_DEVELOP. Controls are possible on object type, object name, activity, packages.

You might have noticed that all the above authorization objects begin with S as they deal with System Administration. I have purposely not included authorization belonging to the individual application components like MM, FICO, SD or HR as a discussion of these do nt make sense without discussing the applications themselves. So, we keep these for a later post.

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