Maintaining Number Range for Personnel Numbers

When Hiring Action is executed in PA40, a Personnel Number is generated upon hiring an employee in the country to which the system parameters are set. These personnel numbers can be generated both internally as well externally. The personnel number range if internal or external is to be defined at […]

Delete Infotype Operation

At most times we need to add or delete records from the infotypes or from any other standard tables. Requirements to perform the MOD(Modify), COP(Copy), INS(Insert) , DEL (Delete) operations can be used to manipulate the records in infotypes. The delete operation for infotype 2003 is performed using three different […]

Save/Reload a Backup Version of Table T512W

Making a backup of the SAP system table T512W (‘Wage Type Valuation’), is recommended prior to the implementation of a new R/3 HR Support Package. Since the table has delivery class E, this means that all wage types within this table which are defined within the SAP namespace will be […]


Find below the comprehensive list of SAP HR related reports including commonly used Payroll reports and time management reports etc. PA reports: RPLACTJ0      Employee Actions List RPLEHSU0     Employee Job/Salary History RPLINFC0      Infotype Overview for Employees RPLMIT00     Employee List RPLPAY00     Payments and Deductions List RPLREF00     Reference Personnel Numbers RPUAUD00    Infotype Audit […]

How to Set up Log & Trace for SAP HCM (Infotype, User, Table, Program)

In this blog, we’ll focus on the possbile ways to log and trace user activities in SAP HCM system for Infotype changes, transactions, programs, tables, user activities,… Log for Personnel Administration – Infotypes Changes (PA) This log is used to get history of the PA infotypes. When you delimit or create […]

SAP : The Right Partnership Matters in Digital Transformation

Any business can drive technology-enabled change quickly. But with the right partner, it can take its digital transformation even further – steering its strategy toward the right direction, achieving lasting impacts, and exploring a new world of competitive advantages. Most companies are ready to accelerate their digital transformation strategies after […]

Oracle suspends operations in Russia, SAP pauses sales

Russia, scrambling to deal with economic sanctions imposed in response to its invasion of Ukraine last week and to staunch the hemorrhaging of businesses and talent, will exempt IT companies from taxes for three years and will excuse specialized IT workers from military service. The IT retention effort takes shape […]

Standing in Solidarity

Like the rest of the world, we are watching the war in Ukraine with horror and condemn the invasion in the strongest possible terms. An act as inhumane and unjustified as this is an attack on democracy and humanity. Its consequences affect us all. Economic sanctions against Russia are an […]

DMEE Configuration:Step By Step Part 2

Hi All, This is the continuation of the document DMEE Configuration. Please refer the below link for the DMEE Configuration:Step By Step Part 1. DMEE Configuration:Step By Step Part 1                                                    Create/Assign Selection Variants (OBPM4) Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable ® Business Transactions ® Outgoing Payments ® Automatic Outgoing Payments ® Payment Media ® Make Settings for Payment Medium Formats […]

DMEE Configuration:Step By Step Part 1

Hi All, This is my First Document in the Forum and hope this will be helpful for all. I have searched in Forum but I did not get any Document on DMEE where Step By Step Configuration is Given. Any Suggestion and Critics are always Welcome as this will help […]