How to Create a Dynamic action

Symptom You want to Create a Dynamic Action. The following wiki page describes a way to update entires in Infotype 0041 – Date Specifications infotype whenever an unpaid leave is created, changed or deleted via 2001 – Absences infotype. Environment Both of the following dates are maintained in IT0041: 01 […]

Annual Salary Field in IT0008 – Configuration Guide

Annual Salary Field Configuration Purpose: This is a configuration guide for Annual Salary field in IT0008. In a country like US, where you can have different pay cycles (e.g. Weekly, Biweekly, Semimonthly..), the annual salary field needs to be configured correctly in order to calculate correct annual salary from the […]

Add Employee Photo on Infotype 0002

* Please note, these instructions were given to me so am now giving them to the community. I do hope they help someone. Kudos to the orginal author! someone on 1. Create a number range for SAP Archive Link : IMG>Basis Components>Basis Services>SAP Archive Link>Basic Settings>Maintain number ranges. Tcode: OANR Create […]

Error message RP 0302 ‘No entry in table T510’

Purpose This article will explain the reason for this error message Overview when creating or updating IT0008 via PA30 or via forms, error/warning message RP 302 ” IndVal of wage type XXXX: No entry in table T510″ Pay scale table V_T710CL_B Employee is assigned payment detailed based on a pay scale […]

Message No. HRPAD_DELIMIT004 different behaviour PA40/PA30

Purpose  This page will explain why, in some circomstances, error  “Personnel area is only valid until xx/xx/xxxx; select another area Message No. HRPAD_DELIMIT004” is not generated in PA40 Overview Once the delimit function is activated for PD object, error Message No. HRPAD_DELIMIT004 is expected to be displayed. However when running […]

Configuration-Additional Actions (0302)-Same Day Of Hring

Additional Actions (0302) Dear Gurus, As Hiring action is Time Constraint “1”, another actions like Transfer, Termination, and Promotion Not Possible on the same Day for the same “PERNR”. However there will be instances like Transfer, Termination, and Promotion for the employee on the joining date. This is possible through […]

How to Upload Employee Photo

1. Create a number range for SAP Archive Link : IMG->Basis Components->Basis Services->SAP Archive Link->Basic Settings->Maintain number ranges. Tcode OANR. Create range 01 from 0000000001 to 9999999999 without the external number flag. 2. Document type HRICOLFOTO must exist with document class JPG. IMG->Basis Components->Basis Services->SAP Archive Link->System Settings->Maintain document types. […]

Cross-Company Code Document Number is not filled in FI Documents

System does not set field BVORG of BKPF table (Cross-Company Code Document Number) in FI documents, although there are multiple company codes involved in the posting. Cross company processes in HR are never posted as cross company process in FI. Every FI document for each company code involved is posted […]

Add Remove Infotype to log report (RPUAUD00)

IF you want to Add an infotype to the log report you have to add it  in the following views in T-code SM30 / SM31 V_T585A (HR Documents: Infotypes to be Logged),  V_T585B (HR Documents: Field Group Definition,) V_T585C (HR Documents: Field Group Characteristics). Anther option is: following links in SPRO as below: […]

Standard reports in OM of SAP HCM (HR)

S No Report name Description 1 EKH0004 SAP demo program that shows how to do 2D, 3D, and 4D graphics. 2 RGUGBR00 Substitution/Validation utility 3 RHGEN00 Regen PD and PA inconsistencies 4 RHGRENZ0 Delimit IT1000 and related 1001s. Program will delete any 1001 infotypes 5 RHGRENZ2 Delimit IT1001 only. 6 […]