Debugging Payroll. Useful places to set a break-point

After Debugging the Payroll Schema  article, I thought it would be interesting to share some of the  places where I set a break-point when I need to investigate a recurrent issue. If you think the issue is a bug, you may search correction SAP notes using the abap code as a search term […]

Half day absence not prorating basic remuneration Wage Types

Symptom Half day absence (Or generically, less than one day) is not causing salary reduction in the Factoring payroll subschema. Cause You are using standard payroll period factors /801 or /802. Either /801 and /802 don’t consider less than one day absences. In the international schema X000 you can see how […]

Payroll Process log shows following error “RGDIR entry already exists”

When calculating payroll with the payroll program (RPCALC*0 / H**CALC0), simulations are possible, but real executions cannot be totally finished. Process log shows following error: “RGDIR entry already exists”. This usually happens when table RGDIR is manipulated inside a customer function and the original table is not restored. It may […]

Maintain Processing, Evaluation and Cumulation Classes

Target As you know, wage type is very important in SAP HCM module and normally you change wage type’s properties (Processing Classes, Evaluation Classes or Cumulation Classes) in V_512W_D with T-Code SM30/ SM31 in order fit payroll processes with customer’s expectations. This document will share you where you can maintain […]

Dump for Personnel Areas details

Option 1 A simple ABAP report or HR Query can do this   Option 2   Go to table SE16N,   step:1 – give the table name as T500P, and give Personnel area and execute   step:2 – in the display screen for every personnel area line items in the last column […]

IT0034 “Corporate Function” Time constraint 2

Why “IT0034 – Corporate Function” should have a Time Constraint 2? Time constraint ‘2’ means that record may include gaps but no overlappings. However in Infotype 0034 “Corporate Function” the time constraint functions for the Infoytpe and sub-types. This means that for the same sub-type no overlapping entries can be […]

How to Create a Dynamic action

Symptom You want to Create a Dynamic Action. The following wiki page describes a way to update entires in Infotype 0041 – Date Specifications infotype whenever an unpaid leave is created, changed or deleted via 2001 – Absences infotype. Environment Both of the following dates are maintained in IT0041: 01 […]

Annual Salary Field in IT0008 – Configuration Guide

Annual Salary Field Configuration Purpose: This is a configuration guide for Annual Salary field in IT0008. In a country like US, where you can have different pay cycles (e.g. Weekly, Biweekly, Semimonthly..), the annual salary field needs to be configured correctly in order to calculate correct annual salary from the […]

Add Employee Photo on Infotype 0002

* Please note, these instructions were given to me so am now giving them to the community. I do hope they help someone. Kudos to the orginal author! someone on 1. Create a number range for SAP Archive Link : IMG>Basis Components>Basis Services>SAP Archive Link>Basic Settings>Maintain number ranges. Tcode: OANR Create […]

Error message RP 0302 ‘No entry in table T510’

Purpose This article will explain the reason for this error message Overview when creating or updating IT0008 via PA30 or via forms, error/warning message RP 302 ” IndVal of wage type XXXX: No entry in table T510″ Pay scale table V_T710CL_B Employee is assigned payment detailed based on a pay scale […]