Early or Late Coming and Generation OT by T555Z

I. Purpose In order to deeply understand Time Schema, this document will guide you how to check early/ late coming and generate Overtime by configuration in T555Z. II. Solution 1. Checking early/ late coming First, you have to get Start Working Time in Planned Working Time (IF0007) of employee. Creating […]

Relationship Time Evaluation and Payroll

I. Relationship In International Payroll, as you may know, technical wage types are very important, such as: /801, /802, etc. These wage types contain factoring and will be multiplied with current values in wage types (inputted in PA30 Personnel Administration) and final results are employee’s salary. In order to easier […]

Creating custom messages in Payroll log using operation XMES

Creating custom messages in Payroll log using operation XMES Often times our SAP end users requests to see messages in the payroll log during payroll processing. These messages can be informational or warning in nature, intended to pro-actively alert the end user about missing master data or other HR related […]

Date Dependent PCR Processing in Time Evaluation

One of the things that fascinated me when I started working in time management was Date Dependent PCR Processing in Time Evaluation. Over a period of time, I realized that there are two possible ways (there may be more ways also) to achieve date dependent PCR processing in time evaluation. […]

Validity Period for SAP HR Enterprise and Employee Structure

I’ve seen this mentioned a few times, but having written this up, I thought some of you might find it usefull to have a more comprehensive description os this new feature, which I personally – as someone working a a few multi-country set-ups – belief is really cause for serious […]

How to set the delimit button for custom table and ways to use this functionality

Introduction: This Blog is about to set the delimit button for custom table. Before doing that I will explain about the delimit functionality and when we will use this concept. We generally use this concept in any module as per their business requirements in SAP. If they want to see/track […]

valuation of time wage types using wage type dependent constant and standard modifier

Valuation of wage types is done in two ways either using constant remuneration (wage type dependent constant or pay scale dependent constant) or using person related remuneration. In other words, valuation of time wage types in payroll i.e., processing of overtime for different working hours in payroll. The wage types […]

Wage Type Creation In SAP HCM

1. Wage type Creation – Steps by Step Process Wage types are used to assign payments and deductions as well as to control the payroll program. In simple terms, Wage types are the building blocks of the payroll module and are essential to compensate the employees. Wage types cannot be […]

Identifying Accumulation Wage Types

In cases where it is relevant to quickly identify all accumulations to a specific wage type – such as validating the accumulations of Social Security after RG 2388, RG 5858 and Decree 1990, which require all the accumulations to be equivalent so that the report generates correctly – the report RPDLGA20 can […]

SAP Serial Numbers

Welcome to the next tutorial of SAP PM course! In this tutorial, you will learn about SAP Serial Numbers and their use for serializing equipment in plant maintenance. We will show how to create serial number profile, assign it in a material master record, and create a new serial number attached to equipment. SAP […]