SAP Operating Concern

In earlier tutorials, SAP Controlling (CO) was introduced and explained as a tool used for internal managerial accounting. One of the sub modules of CO is Profitability Analysis, also referred to as CO-PA. In order to use CO-PA, you must first understand the structure of how the data that is used within […]

SAP Business Area

Within SAP Financial Accounting, data is organized first at the company and then company code level for legal business entities to meet external financial statement requirements. But in some cases, financial statements may be required for internal purposes that are viewed across company codes. This could be based on a need […]

SAP Controlling Area

In a previous tutorial, you were introduced to the CO module and given definitions of the key high level organizational units, areas of functionality, and master data. This tutorial will look at one of the organizational units, SAP Controlling Area, on a more detailed level. The intent is to help you understand […]

OM/PA Switch framework- Table T77S0

If you have only ever worked with one SAP system, you may not realize that there are some basic settings/switches that underscore and drive how SAP behaves.  I recently worked with a client that had been jumping through hoops to make SAP behave differently for years.  A simple switch in […]

Payroll Results Posting to FI – Overview

One of the key activities after payroll is posting the payroll results to the FI system and to make sure everything is balanced and clean. This blog is based on the scenario that SAP HCM and SAP FI are on two separate systems. Let’s discuss all the required steps to […]

SAP Time Evaluation – Correct Weekly Overtime

Recently I got to work on an interesting client requirement and wanted to share this information with rest of the SAP peeps. This is not the exact client requirement; I simplified it for this blog. Scenario: Holiday pay is to be generated automatically via time evaluation for your employees on company holidays. […]

Deleting OM mass Records using RE_RHRHDL00 in Organization Management

If you have ever converted Organization Management data in SAP, you may have run into a situation where you’ve loaded data incorrectly, but were unable to overwrite the existing load by re-loading.  The error needs to be corrected, but how can you go able this without having to perform a […]

How to delete PA infotypes mass entries Records in batches

Have you encountered the situation where data was loaded incorrectly in SAP? It could have been during conversion or maybe the first run of an interface.  Now you need to remove that data and start fresh.  SAP provides a program called RPUREOPN that will assist you in removing unwanted data.  […]

Completely Delete Infotype MD Records (Reorganization of Infotype Records)

This document will discuss how to use report RPUREOPN (Reorganization of Infotype Records) This report is used to completely delete the master data records in a specific infotype or subtype for a specific employee or for the whole master data set Caution: This report must be user with extreme caution and […]

ONBOARDING 2.0 – Hiring Manager Experience Overview

Onboarding 2.0 is almost here and its likely you have a good understanding at this point how this product is maturing and how it will function. So, let’s take a peek at some of the functionality proposed in the Hiring Manager Experience. Below is a list of the prominent steps that […]