Overview of SAP MM module

Materials Management module in SAP consists of several components and sub-components. The most prominent and widely used are Master Data, Purchasing and Inventory. All of these components have their subcomponents that are essential in specific business processes, and all of the processes are executed by using transactions. Transaction (in SAP) […]

Logical Database with Report HR Report Category Selection Screen

Author       : P. Surjith Kumar Company  : International Application Solutions Pte Ltd (IAS) – An IBM Company, Singapore. Created on : 17th Sep 2011 Author Bio I am working as Senior IT Consultant for the Past 5 Years. Business Scenario Need to create a Logical Database with custom HR Report Category in a […]

Create New Tax code in SAP FTXP

T.code FTXP is used to create Tax code. All the Taxes are divided into two categories. Input tax: All taxes related to purchase are considered as Input tax. Output tax: All taxes on sales come under this category. For e.g CST, service tax, VAT T.code FTXP is used to create both input or output […]

Define Document Types OBA7

T-code (OBA7) Path Financial Accounting Financial Accounting Global Setting Documents Document Header Define Document Types In this activity you create document types for customer, vendor and general ledger business transactions in Financial Accounting. Document types differentiate business transactions and control document filing. You specify a number range for each document type. […]

Open and Close posting Periods

T-code (OB52) Path Financial Accounting-> Financial Accounting Global Setting-> Documents-> Posting Periods-> Open and Close posting Periods In this activity you specify for each variant which posting periods are open for posting. Two intervals are available for doing this (period 1 and period 2). For every interval, enter a lower period […]


MY Services Fiori APP Step by Step Configuration

Once you have implemented the UIHR001 component (IU for Human capital Management ERP) and have a configured Launchpad that includes HCM applications (including My Services app), you have to do the following to maintain the configuration of My Services Fiori App: 1. New Catalog for Dummy Entries(WebDynpro ABAP, URL´s and Transaction […]

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New Fiori Apps for HCM

Last week, we released 9 HCM apps for Employees and Managers with Fiori Wave 7. The HCM apps have been bundled and are delivered as SAP Fiori for SAP ERP HCM 1.0. The bundle includes the apps People Profile Employee Look-up including organizational view My Team Calendar My Leave Requests […]

Define Document Number Range

T-code(FBN1) Path Financial Accounting -> Financial Accounting Global Setting -> Documents -> Document Number Ranges -> Define/Copy (co code or Fiscal Year) In this activity, you create number ranges for documents. For each number range you specify (among other things): a number interval from which document numbers are selected the […]

Transactions FBL1N/ FBL3N/ FBL5N or as of ERP2004 FAGLL03: Defining Special Fields

How to define Special Fields for the Line Item Transactions FBL1N/ FBL3N/ FBL5N or as of ERP2004 FAGLL03? I. Basic information 1. Depending on your release, you can define the special fields for the line item display at the following places in the IMG: Release 46C – 470 FBL1N (Vendor […]

Date and Time functions

Below are the various Date and Time Functions in SAP: 1. Get a date 2. Date calculations 3. Holidays 4. Checking dates 5. Converting dates 6. Formatting 7. Other 1. Get a date DATE_GET_WEEK Returns week for a date WEEK_GET_FIRST_DAY Returns first day for a week RP_LAST_DAY_OF_MONTHS Returns last day of month FIRST_DAY_IN_PERIOD_GET Get first […]