Infotypes in Time Management

IT0007 – Planned Working Time
IT2001 – Absence – You record a variety of absences in this infotype
IT0082 – Additional Absense Data
IT2002 – Attendance – You record a variety of attendances in this infotype
IT2003 – Substitution
IT2004 – Availability
IT2005 – Overtime
IT2006 – Absence Quota
IT0005 – Leave Entitlement (Now Obsolete)
IT2007 – Attendance Quota
IT2010 – Employee Remuneration Info
IT2011 – Time Events
IT2012 – Time Transfer Specification
IT2013 – Quota Corrections
IT0416 – Time Quota Compensation
IT0050 – Time Recording Info
IT0315 – Time Sheet Defaults
IT0672 – FMLA Event
IT2050 – Annual Calendar
IT2051 – Monthly Calendar
IT2052 – Weekly Entry with Activity Allocation

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