Business Partner Grouping in SAP CRM

A business partner grouping categorizes the business partners and it is also called as Number range. During Business partners creation, the number assignments will be determined by a grouping. Number ranges are divides to two types.
Internal Number range– When you are creating new business partner, the systems atomically assign number from the number range interval
External Number range– We have to assign number manually during creation of business partners.

The following SAP CRM Training guides an overview of business partner grouping in SAP. In our previous Customer Relationship Management tutorials we have learnt about Business partners

Lets learn how to define number ranges for grouping.

Step 1: – Access the transaction by using the following navigation method.

IMG >> Cross-Application Components >> SAP Business Partner >> Business Partner >> Basic Settings >> Number Ranges and Groupings >> Define Number Ranges.

Step 2: – On central business partner overview screen, click on change intervals to create number ranges.

central business partner

Step 3: – Click on “Insert Interval” to create number ranges internal for business partner number range grouping.

Maintain business partner number range intervals

Step 4: – On insert interval screen, update the following details.

  1. No: – Update the two digit unique id that identifies the number range interval for business partners
  2. From Number: – Update the starting number of number range interval.
  3. To Number: – Update the last number of number range interval.
  4. Current Number: – By default current number will be zero.
  5. Ext: – As we discussed earlier about internal number range and external number range, keep it blank as the number to be assigned by the system automatically.
  6. After maintains the interval, click on “+” button.

Business Partner Grouping numer range intervals

Click on save button and save the configured number range intervals for business partners.

How to Define groupings and Assign number ranges

After maintains the business partner number range interval, next step is defining the grouping and assign the number ranges.

Follow the path to define groupings and assign number ranges.

Cross-Application Components >> SAP Business Partner >> Business Partner >> Basic Settings >> Number Ranges and Groupings >> Define groupings and Assign number ranges.

On change view “BP Groupings” overview screen, click on new entries.

business partner groupings

On new entries overview scree, update the following details.

  • Grouping: – Update the four digits unique id that identifies the grouping in SAP
  • Short name: – Update the shor name of grouping
  • Description: – Update the descriptive text of the business partner groupings.
  • Number range: – Update the number range No that you want to assign to groupings.

How to Define groupings and Assign number ranges

Click on save button to save the configured data and select customizing request and save the business partner grouping data.

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