What is SAP CRM Middleware

What is SAP CRM Middleware

CRM Middleware: – Middleware helps to connect SAP CRM with other systems like SAP ECC and any other systems. By using middle ware we can exchange the different types of business objects from one system to another systems. The important business objects are like Customers , products, transactions, that are being exchanged from one system to another system.

SAP CRM Middleware provides seamless back-end integration, group ware integration like communication software outlook and Synchronizes the mobile clients. It doesn’t require any additional software, installations and servers.

We can customize CRM Middleware as per business requirements like activating the adopters that to be replicate the data from one system to another system. When we are configuring the middleware settings, we have to decide who is the master and who is the receiver (SAP SD is the master and CRM is the receiver or SAP SD is the receiver and SAP CRM is the receiver.) For e.g. Customer master data has been created in SAP SD, then this customer data will be replicated in the SAP CRM system.

SAP CRM Architecture- SAP CRM system can be act a logical box and can be connected to different systems like interaction centres, web channels, mobile clients, handhelds, Netweaver portal, SAP SCM, BI/BW, ERP system and with various systems.

SAP CRM Middleware server architecture

CRM Server Architecture: – CRM architecture can be divided in to three parts

  1. SAP CRM middleware
  2. Business Objects
  3. CRM server applications

SAP CRM Server architecuture- CRM Middleware

CRM Middleware– CRM middleware is a inbuilt component of CRM server, so the companies doesn’t required to buy middleware separately as it is inbuilt components in CRM server.

CRM Sever Applications– Applications are like Interaction centers, Web channels, Management, marketing planning and campaign.

Business Objects– Object are like products, partners and business transactions.

How SAP CRM system is connected to SAP R/3 system

SAP CRM and SAP ECC are connected by r/3 adapters.

Important transaction codes that are used for CRM Middleware

Code Description
SMWP CRM Middleware Monitoring Cockpit
SMW00 Error handler Settings
SMW02 Display Business Documents Message summary
SMQ1 QRFC Monitor (Outbound Queue)
SMQ2 QRFC Monitor (Inbound Queue)
SMQR QRFC Monitor (QIN Scheduler)
SMQS QRFC Monitor (QOUT Scheduler)
SMWT Middleware trace
R3AC6 Middleware parameters
SDIMA CRM Data integrity Manager
SBDM CRM Business Documents Modeler

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