Overview of SAP Pricing in CRM

SAP Pricing overview in Customer Relationship Management

Overview of SAP Pricing in CRM– SAP pricing is one of the important topic in SAP Customer Relationship Management, It is related to middle ware where the pricing condition objects can be download from the ERP system. Conditions objects are provided by the SAP systems to download the latest pricing changes.

How the pricing is done in SAP System

  • SAP Pricing uses condition techniques to determine the prices
  • For On line pricing, external setting called internet Pricing and configuration (IPC) are configured to determine the pricing procedure.
  • SAP Customer Relationship management Uses IPC for pricing throughout the CRM application. So the IPC is used in all channel like mobile channel, web channel, Internet sales in ERP.
  • Basic pricing calculation and Product cost calculations are done by the IPC.

Pricing Procedure- It define the condition types and calculation sequence in the transactions. it determine the calculation rule like what type of calculation to be done in pricing. Read more for how to define pricing procedure in SAP CRM.

Configuration settings for SAP Pricing

SAP CRM pricing Overview

What is condition technique

  • Condition technique helps to determine the prices based on the data stored in the condition records.
  • The system process the pricing procedure according to the sale document type and customer
  • The SAP pricing procedure is done by a valid condition type in the sequence that process in the sales order.
  • Every condition types have a access sequence that have assigned, so access specifies for a particular searched from the records, if the access in not find any record, it moves to another access to find a valid record.

Read more for SAP CRM training materials that guides step by step with real time scenarios.

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