Time Manangement (Schema, PCR, Functions and Operations)

1. Schemas in Time Mgmt

TM00   Time Evaluation with Personnel Time Events Schema TM00 is primarily used to evaluate the time data of employees who have recorded their actual times at time recording terminals or PDC systems, or in the Time Events infotype (2011).
TM01   Time Evaluation for Work Schedule Deviations Schema TM01 has been developed to evaluate the time data of employees for whom only exceptions to the work schedule are recorded. It evaluates time data that has been entered as clock times.
TM02   Time Evaluation for External Services Management Schema TM02 is used to evaluate time data of persons who provide external services. For a description of schema TM02, refer to Concepts and Technical Fundamentals of Integration in Time Management in the section entitled
Integration with Logistics – External Services.
TM04 Time evaluation for data recorded in hours Schema TM04 is primarily used to evaluate time data that has been entered online, either in hours or as clock times. It evaluates the time data of employees who enter only exceptions to the work schedule and of those who record their actual times.
TC00 Wage type generation (international) Schema TC00 is the time evaluation schema of payroll and a subschema of schema xT00 (time data processing in payroll). It is called by the payroll driver RPCALCx0 during the payroll run. Schema TC00 is used for day processing of time data.

2. Functions

A2003   Process Work Center Substitutions
ACTIO   Rule-controlled execution of an action
BDAY   Initiate Block in Day Processing
BEND   Processing Block After Day Processing
BINI   Initiate Processing Block
BLOCK   Log Structure
BREAK   Set Break Point
CHECK   General checks before evaluations/Determine status
COLLI   Collision Check for Multiple Pers. Assignments
COM   Comment lines in a schema
COPY   Copies front-end subschema
CUMBT   Cumulate Interim Results
DAYMO   Set Selection of Time Wage Types for Day Grouping
DEFTP   Determine Planned Working Time Pairs
DKG   Reduced Hours Infotype (0049)
DODMO   Set Selection Rule Group for Time Wage Types
DPTOL   Daily Work Schedule Tolerances
DYNBR   Set Dynamic Breaks
DYNWS   Dynamic Daily Work Schedule Assignment: Planned/Actual Overlap
EDAY   Exit Block in Day Processing
EEND   Processing Block After Day Processing
EINI   Exit Initialization of Processing Block
ELSE   Perform a Function If a Condition Does Not Apply
ENDIF   End Function of a Condition
EXPRT   Export Results of Payroll
GOT   Generation of Overtime Time Pairs
GOU   Generation of Overtime Time Pairs without Quota Deduction
GWT   Generate Wage Types from Time Pairs
IF   Execute Function If a Condition Is Fulfilled
KNTAG   Fill KNTAG String for Core Night Work
LIMIT   Value Limits for Time Balances
MMSRV   Set Switch for External Services Accounting
MOD   Set Groupings
OPTT   Set Program Parameters
P2000   Import Daily Work Schedule/Create Time Pairs from Daily WS
P2001   Import Absences to Table TIP
P2002   Import Attendances to Table TIP
P2004   Import Availability Data to Table TIP
P2005   Import Overtime Data to Table TIP
P2006   Process Absence Quotas
P2007   Request Personnel Calculation Rule via ANWKONTI
P2011   Import Daily WS/Enter Recorded Time Pairs in TIP
P2012   Process Time Transfer Specifications
P2013   Processing of Quota Corrections
PBRKS   Process Break Specifications
PDB   Process Daily Balances Table TES
PERT   Process Error Table PERT
PMB   Process Daily Balances Table SALDO
POVT   Process Table ZML (Overtime Wage Types)
PRINT   Print Request
PROTO   Processing Log
PTIP   Process Time Data Table TIP
PTIPA   Process Time Data Table TIP if Absence Exists
PZL   Processing Time Wage Type Table ZL
QUOTA   Generate Absence Quotas
RTIP   Read Pairs Table TIP
RTIPA   Read Pairs Table TIP if Absence Exists
SORT   Sort internal tables
TIMTP   Assign Time Types to Time Pairs
TYPES   Assign Processing Type and Time Type

3. Operations

ADDDB   Cumulate in day balance table
ADDMB   Cumulate in monthly balance table
ADDOT   Transfer to Table ZMO
ADDVS   Cumulate in variable balances table
ADDZL   Cumulate in Time Wage Types Table
ALLDT   Check 24-Hour Coverage from Start of Period
BITQU   Generate Batch Input Session for Attendance Quotas
BREAK   Set a break point
COLER   Transfer to error table
COLOP   Transfer data to internal table TOP
COLPA   Transfer to pair table
COLTQ   Increase amount of quota taken
COMOT   Overtime Pairs Analysis
DAYPG   Replace Daily Work Schedule
DELIM   Delimit Time Pair
DYNDP   Dynamic Daily Work Schedule Assignment
FILLP   Change Time Pair Information
FILLW   Fill Wage Type Data
GCY   Branch to Other Personnel Calculation Rule
GENOT   Generate Time Pairs for Overtime
GENOW   Generate Wage Type in ZML
GENTG   Generate a TIP Entry
GENTP   Split TIP Entry
GENTW   Generate Wage Types
GOTC   Request Internal Recalculation Run for Time Evaluation
HRS   Edit Number of Hours Field
INSLR   Insert locked records in table TIP
INSTP   Correctly Set Up Pair
LDPAY   Query End of Continued Pay
LEAVE   Exit Processing of Personnel Calculation Rule
MESSG   Message Output
MNPAS   Determine Main Personnel Assignment
MODIF   Set Groupings
NEXTR   Process a continuation line
OUTAL   Provide Data for Different Payment
OUTAQ   Retrieve Information From Absence Quotas
OUTER   Error information
OUTOT   Provide Data on Overtime Wage Types
OUTPQ   Retrieve Information from Attendance Quotas
OUTTI   Retrieve fields from the “Time Recording” infotype
OUTTP   Providing Time Pair Data
OUTWP   Providing Work Center Data
OUTZL   Provide information from time wage types
PAYTP   Setting Employee Subgroup Grouping for Personnel Calculation Rule
PCY   Go to a Personnel Calculation Subrule
PLOOP   Nth Execution of Command Sequence
PPINC   Process Attendance/Absence Reasons (PIN codes)
R555D   Read Abs./Attendance Reasons for Subsystem
RETCD   Query return code
RJCT   RJCT: Rejection of employee
RNDOT   Round Time Pairs
ROUND   Round Clock Times or Number of Hours Field
SCOND   Set Validity of Condition (IF … EIF)
SORTP   Sort Daily Input Table TIP
SUBST   Substitutions
SUM   Cumulation of a Time Type Over a Particular Period
TABLE   Prepare Access to Table Fields
TEXIT   Exit Schema Processing
TFLAG   Change Status Data of a Day
TIMAP   Have the Infotypes Imported by Time Evaluation Been Checked?
TIPOS   Determine relative position of a time pair
TKUZR   Query Reduced Working Hours(RWH)Period
TMBRE   Generate break time
TSNDB   Determine Time Type and Add to TES (Student Nurses)
TSNDC   Decision Operation for Time Statement for Student Nurses
TSORT   Sort Internal Tables
UPDLE   Absence Quota Accrual
UPDTQ   Accrue Absence Quota
VALEN   Length of variable key
VAOFF   Offsetting Variable Key
VARAB   Provide Information on Absences
VARPR   Provide Data on Current Attendance
VARST   Provide General Fields
VSTRG   Provide Strings in Variable Key
VWTCL   Provide Processing Class of Wage Type

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