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Object Manager

The object manager is the organizational structure object selector you can usually find in HR transactions like PPOME, PP01, PA30, etc. The object manager allows users to search data and keep their selections for the results of the last search done, as well as some other display settings like columns configurations, periods selections.

There are a couple of common situations, described below:

  • The object manager can be user specifically disabled through parameter: OM_OBJM_NO_DISPLAY. This can help in regards to any performance issues being faced regarding last saved searches etc. For more information on this please see SAP Note: 496718 – Object manager: Deactivation via user parameter, where this parameter was delivered.
  • The object manager can sometimes suffer some performance issues from previous searches not being cleared when a user exits a transaction. When they enter the transaction again, the object manager will try to re-load the previous search and if this is quite large, it can cause a performance issue. If this is the case report: RH_DELETE_USER_SETTINGS can be run for the specific user where it will remove the last search done, some report based variants and column configurations. Please note that no master data will be affected with the running of this report.

For more information regarding this and the object manager please see

SAP Note: 717309 – Performance problems with the object manager

KBA: 2205077 – Object Manager: Free search results not restricted to filtering used in the selection.

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