How to delete the Time Evaluation Results

Hi Experts,

Can anyone tell me how to delete the time evluation results.


Try with following:

Use program RPUP1D00, RPUP2D00. to delete data from PCL1, PCL2.

The Time Evaluation results are stored in cluster tables.

Go To se38 and the give ,RPCLSTB1,RPCLSTB2 and delete the results.

RPTENT00 Time Recording for Multiple Persons and Infotypes … RPUDEL20

Use report RPUP2D10 to delete time evaluation results in B2 cluster.

Run RPUP2D10 ( Delete a set of records from the Database PCL2 )

Select B2 cluster,

Select the pernr


Be careful while deleting in Production ,first try in quality enviornment.

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