How to create payroll area in SAP

Create Payroll area in SAP

The following training tutorial guides you how to create payroll area in SAP step by step.

IMG Path: – SPRO > IMG > Personnel management > Personnel administration > Organizational data > Create payroll area.

Enter transaction code “SPRO” in the SAP command field and enter. Next Customizing execute project screen select SAP Reference IMG.


After Selecting SAP Reference IMG, a new screen IMG Path will be displayed. Select create payroll area for creating a new payroll area.

sap reference IMG

Select new entries to define new payroll areas.

create new payroll areas in SAP

On the new entries screen, update the following fields.

Payroll area: – Enter the two digits payroll area key

Payroll area text: – Update the name of the payroll area

periods parameters: – Select the period parameters from the list (03- weekly, 02 – semi monthly, 11-monthly etc).

How to create payroll area in SAP

After creating payroll areas click on save button to save the data. Successfully payroll areas area created in SAP.

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