Enable log of changes in SAP HCM

Enabling the creation of change documents is done through customizing path Personnel Management Personnel Management > Tools -> Review > Define document modification.

The configuration of this functionality is done in three steps, which we will explain below:

  • Definition of relevant infotypes for the recordin this step, we indicate that infotypes are likely managed in the log.


  • Defining groups of fields infotypewithin each infotype the relevant fields to indicate that recording is the change logFields are organized into groups, so that when you make a change to any of the fields in the groupinformation is saved the value of all fields in the groupIn the example, we have created a group in infotype Personal Data 2 fields NameSurname, ID Tax and Birthplace.


Once configured, the anger recording system modifications made to the relevant infotypes and fieldssaving the information in the databaseSubsequently, we analyze the changes made using the standard report RPUAUD00In case you want to program to prepare our own custom reportswe can use the function modules:

  • HR_INFOTYPE_LOG_GET_LIST: for the resume.
  • HR_INFOTYPE_LOG_GET_DETAIL: for the detail of the modifications.

Using the report RPUAUD00 we can be select by different criteria such as employee infotype, date and user modification, etc.. It is a summary of the changes made by the selection criteria, and the detail information of the fields that have been modified (all belonging to the group, although they have not changed), with their previous values ​​and new values .


From this log, along with the changes, we can analyze the logs that have been created or that have been deleted, which is completely controlled the actions that are performed on the fields and infotypes we have selected.

We use the change log with due caution, as probably not necessary to record all changes in all infotypes, considering the large volume of information that can be recorded so uselessWe will focus on those most critical infotypes relevant or more payments.

We could also have set a record release of certain reports in personnel management from custo path Personnel Management PersonnelManagement > Tools -> Review -> Write to log reports releasesLater, with the RPUPROTD report can display this data and delete the logs with RPUPROTU report.

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