Customising Tables for InfoTypes

List of Customising Tables, Table Names with Features for Info Type 0000, 0001, 0002, 0006, 0008, 0009.

Actions – IT 0000


VV_T588C_G_AL0 User Group Dependency on Menus and Info Groups
V_T588D Info Group
Feature: IGMOD Info Group modifier
VV_T529U_1__AL0 Status Values (Customer-Specific Status)
T529A Personnel Action Types
V_529A_B Priority List for Personnel Action Types
V_T530 Reason for Action
V_T77S0SC Variable View for T77S0
V_T588B_M Action Menu
V_T588C User Group Dependency on Menus and Info Groups
V_T588Z Dynamic Actions
Feature: M0001 Parameter Settings for Mail on Change to Infotype Record

Organizational Assignment – IT 0001


V_503_C Employee Subgroup Grouping f. Activities/Employment/Training
V_T542A Work Contract (Internal Terms of Employment)
V_T549A Payroll Areas
Feature: ABKRS Default value for Payroll Area
V_T527X Organizational Units
T513 Jobs
V_T513S Job Title
V_528B_C Positions: Organizational Assignment
Feature: VDSK1 Organizational key
T527 Organizational Key: Control
T527A Organizational Key Creation Rules
T527O Organizational Key Validation
Feature: PINCH Administrator groups
T526 Define Administrator

Personnel Data – IT 0002


T522G Title Keys
V_T535N Name Affixes
V_T502T Marital Status Designations
V_T516T Religious Denominations
V_T522N_A HR Name Format with Infotype Views
T522F Format for HR Name Format

Addresses – IT 0006


VV_T591A_0006___AL0 Subtype Characteristics for Addresses

Basic Pay – IT 0008


V_503_B EE Subgroup Grouping for PCR/CollAgrmtProv.
T546 Employee Subgroup for PersCalcRule/CollAgreemProvision
VV_T530E_B_0008___AL0 Reason for Change
V_T510A Pay Scale Type
V_T510G Pay Scale Area
V_001P_C Default Value for Pay Scale Area/Pay Scale Type
Feature: TARIF Default pay scale type and area in basic pay
V_T510W Pay Scale > Period Parameter Assignment
V_T510 Pay Scale Groups
V_T510I Standard Working Hours (fixed by CAP)

Wage Types


Wage Types


VV_52D7_B_0008_AL0 Assign Wage Types to Wage Type Groups
V_512W_T Wage Type Texts
V_T512Z Permitted Wage Types (Entry Permissibility Per Infotype)
V_511_B Permissibility of Wage Types (for each PS & ESG)
V_T511 Wage Type Characteristics
V_503_G Employee Subgroup Grouping for Primary Wage Type
V_001P_K Personnel Subarea Grouping for Primary Wage Type
Feature: LGMST Planned payment specification (Default Wage Types in 0008)
V_T539A Default Wage Types for Basic Pay
V_T539J Base Wage Type Valuation
V_T528C_B Wage type catalog (based on Object Type and Position)
V_528B_D Positions: Pay Scale Assignment
V_T710A Pay Scale Grades
V_T710 Pay Grade Levels

Bank Details – IT 0009


VV_T591A_0009___AL0 Subtype Characteristics
V_T042 All Company Codes (Define Payment Method)
V_T042B Paying Company Codes (Define Payment Method)
V_T042ZL Payment Method/Country (Define Payment Method)
V_T042W Currencies Allowed
V_T042ZA Note to Payee by Origin
V_T042E Maintenance of Company Code Data for a Payment Method
V_T042BD Bank Selection
V_T042A Ranking Order
V_T042I Bank Accounts
V_T042D Available Amounts
V_T042V Value Date
V_T042S Expenses/Charges
Feature: ZLSCH Default value for payment method

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