Assign Company Code to Credit Control Area in SAP

How to Assign Company Code to credit control Area

One credit control area can be assigned to one more company codes, but one company code is applicable to use only one credit control area.

Steps for Assign company code to credit control area

After creating of credit control, next step is to assign company code to credit control area.

IMG Menu Path :-

SPRO > Implementation Guide >  Enterprise Structure  > Assignment > Financial Accounting > Assign company code to credit Control Area.

Step 1 :– Enter T-Code SPRO in the Command field and press enter


Step 2 :– Click on SAP Reference IMG ( short cut key F5 )


Step 3 :- Follow the menu path for Assigning Company Code to Credit Control Area


Step 4 :– In next screen click on Position icon and update the company code and press enter


Step 5 :-  In next screen, update the credit control code in the CCAr field and


Step 6 :– After updating credit control code click on save icon


 Thus company code successfully assigned to credit control area.

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