Payment Advice configuration and activation for different kinds of SAP Print forms


Automatic Payment Program (F110) is used to do the clear the invoices and post the payments.F110 is the standard t-code for doing the same.

In addition to the above there also forms sent to customers and vendors about the Payments done which are called Remittance Advices and Payment Advices based on the payment method configured


  • There are three kinds of forms that can be used in SAP :
  • SAP scripts
  • Adobe Forms

  For payment advices we can use all the three kinds of forms .In this document configuration and the calling logics for all the 3 kinds of forms.SAP SCRIPTS:

  • This is the default configuration provided by SAP.
  • Standard script for the payment advices  : ‘F110_IN_AVIS’
  • The same can be configured in the FBZP screen as shown below :
  1. Payment method in company code .This will be the default script name in case in case the configuration on the payment methods if the script name is not given.



  • Enter the script name in the below mentioned place.


  • Print program for each will be defined at the payment method level.


  • Two types of print programs can be defined

               Use payment medium work bench :/wp-content/uploads/2015/10/5_801178.png

  • In the below print program will always be a standard print program in case of PMW as it is hardcoded in the standard F110 Program .
  • In the standard SAPF110V program based on the xformi indicator.
  • In the T042Z table FORMI is the name of the Payment medium workbench.


  • Based on the above the print program will be called.


Use classic print programs :                       /wp-content/uploads/2015/10/9_801182.png


  • There is no standard way of customizing smart forms in SAP for Payment advices.
  • So maintain the form names in one table based on the company code and the payment method. In the program call the form name and in the part of the code in the standard include call the form name and smart form name.
  • In case of the classic payment medium programs we can custom a Z Program.
  • In case of the Payment medium work bench always the program RFFOAVIS_FPAYM is called :


  • So create a Z program program and then use the same calling the smart forms.
  • Logic to call should be written at this place in the include :


  • Fill the variable hlp_pdfformular in the program by the same form name and then instead of the above FM call the smart form FM and then fill the OTF data to either send mail or to create spool.

Adobe Forms:

  • Adobe forms configuration can be done only in the Company code level not on the payment method level.
  • SAP has already provided standard Adobe forms for the Payment advice.
  • The same can be configured and can be used.
  • Below are the steps to be followed for the configuration.


Standard adobe forms for the  F110 would be F110_AVIS_INT/wp-content/uploads/2015/10/13_801186.png

  • Below is the place where the Adobe form will be called and sent in either email or spool.


Any Inputs are highly appreciated.

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