Handling critical fields in abap program

Sometimes there might be scenarios wherein we need to format the report programs according to some specific conditions.Abap provides wide scope for performing these kinds of operations.

Some examples:

1. If we need to delete all program which has been created by specific user or program created in between specific time or date.

2. While transporting objects from development system to productions system, if we need to check operation via Unicode Check then we can filter out program which was not initially done with Unicode check. Later after making them as ‘Unicode checked programs’ we can run the same on different systems to make sure that we get the perfect output.

3. Combining fields of table dd03l with table reposrc, we can programmatically delete a table , data element , domain which is not being used by other tables and which has been created by some author.

4. Segregating active programs and inactive program.

Note: d010sinf, progdir are the views of reposrc.

Fields of table – reposrc.

Name – Abap program name

State – Abap: program status (active, saved, transported…)

Sqlx – source code protection

Edtx – editor lock flag

Varcl – case-sensitive

Dbapl – application database

Dbna – logical database

Clas – program class

Type – selection screen version

Occurs – automatically generated program

Subc – program type

Appl – application

Secu – authorization group

Cnam – author

Cdat – created on

Unam – last changed by

Udat – changed on

Vern – version number

Levl – level

Rstat – status

Rmand – client

Rload – master language

Fixpt – fixed point arithmetic

Sset – start only via variant

Sdate – standard selection screen generation: date

Stime – standard selection screen generation: time

Idate – selection screen generation: date

Itime – selection screen generation: time

Ldbname – ldb name

Uccheck – flag, if Unicode check was performed

Main fields of table dd03l

Tabname – table name

As4local – activation status of a repository object

Fieldname – field name

Keyflag – identifies a key field of a table

Checktable – check table name of the foreign key

Reftable – table for reference field

Datatype – data type in Abap dictionary

Domname – domain name

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