Human Resource Management

HR – Play very important role – Deals with people not in money.

HCM  – Human Capital Management – Deals with both people and money.

Human Resource deals with employee and company policy. Always deals with people and money.

Modules in HR/HCM

Personal Administration – Information about each employees in company.

Time Management – Submit time sheets to PMO at the end of each month.

Recruitment – Deals with the Hiring employees.

Payroll – Deals with the Salary of employees and integrate with Finance.

Organization Management – This is the main module in HR/HCM. Others are sub-modules. It is deals with the following,

How many departments are there.

How many employee’s are there.

In which department employees are working.

This is the basic for run the other module.

Infotypes – Group of related data, records and etc..,
It always numeric it should be four character.

In Technical – It consist of 1 structure, 2 tables, 7 programs, and 3 module pool program are running in the back ground.

We have 5000 infotypes and there are secondary infotypes(Deals with configuration).

Personal Administration Infotypes – 0000 to 0999(Some infotypes deals with payroll).

Organizational Management Infotypes – 1000 to 1999.

Time Management Infotypes – 2000 to 2999.

Recruitment Infotypes – 4000 – 4999.

Custom Infotypes – 9000 – 9999( Only we create for personal administration organization management and recruitment).

Totally HR have 4 cluster tables


Secondary Infotypes – 5000 to 5999.

We can not create infotypes for time management.

For SAP future enhancement 3000 – 3999.

Infotypes Screens

1000 – Dummy screens.

2000 – Single level screen or entry screen.

3000 – Overview screen.

PA30 – Employees administration.

PA20 – Display employee administration.

PA40 – To take action on employees(Termination, Suspends and etc.., ).

PB20 – Display the recruitment of applicant.

PB30 – Applicant Administration(For example some company have the policy for recruitment if any one attend interview then they will not allow to attend interview next 6 months ).

PB40 – Actions on applicant.

Organization management.

PPOME – Modify.

PPOCE – Create.

PPOSE – Display.

PM01 – Create or Enhancement(PA and Recruitment).

PPC1 – Create organization management infotypes.

PPCM – Enhancement organization management infotype.

Time constraint in Infotypes

Infotypes have 3 types of time constraint.

1 – Records will be only one.

Always only one records until leave from company. Don’t have multiple records.

2 – Not allow overlapping and have multiple records.

Ex – Employee have the type Trainee, contract, Permanent and etc..,

3 – Allow overlapping and also multiple records.

Ex – Some employees are deployed into many projects.

HR data is time dependent data. Because based on date we have to know whether the employee is active.

HR is time and country specific.

Payroll is differ to every company.

We can re-assign the employee here like ABAP consultant move to BI consultant.

PM01 – To create a custom infotype.

It has three includes.

First Includes – Key Values.

Second Includes – Administration include common to any infotypes.

Third Includes – Depends on Infotypes structure.

In last we have include for every infotypes for enhance the infotype.

Subtype – Ex – Address – It has different type permanent, Emergency, Contact, Temporary and etc..,

Using LDB we will get the data in HR. There are as follows,

PNP AND PNPCE. When we use PNP, PNPCE we can define our selection screen using HR report category. Instead of select…endselect. we can use provide…endprovide.

Using macros also we will get the data. They are as follows,

RP_PROVIDE_FROM_FRST – Initial records.

RP_PROVIDE_FROM_LAST – Latest records.

Organization management – It is an hierarchical manner like altimetrik->under this->CEO->Different departments.

It has different object types,

O – Organization Unit(Department, Place,and etc..,). It is an hierarchical manner. It has two type as follows,

Top to Bottom->A.

Bottom to Top->B.

S – Position.

K – Cost Center.

P – Employee number.

C – Job.

Q – Qualification.

D – Course type.

E – Course.

H – External person.

R – Resource and etc..,.

Relationship – It has 3 alpha numeric.

Based on relation ship we can get data as well as hierarchy extract data.

Ex – s ————> p(008).

HRP1001-> Relationship between object.

HRP1000-> Description about the object.

we can get the different relationship data using relat in (’008 ’002′ ’003′.)

Evaluation path – The combination of relationship.

Delimit-ion – One of term in HR like below.

Ex – 01-08-2011 to 31-08-201 – Developer.

01-09-2011 to 31-12-999 – Consultant.

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