I received an error message that says “accounting data not maintained”, what should I do?

Problem: I am getting an error message “Accounting Data Not Maintained” when trying to adjust the stock quantity.

Solution 1: This indicates that all of the “views” were not created.  You typically get this when you are creating the material and you try to take a short cut and simply save (hit the disc icon) instead of walking through each of the views per the instructions.  You also may not have selected (checked) all appropriate views when initially running the transaction to create the material.

Solution 2: If you already created the material, but not all of the views (MRP1, MRP2, etc.) have not been created, then you should run MM03 which is a query transaction and note which views you have already created, and which required views have NOT been created. When you have determined the views that you did not yet create, you should then run the appropriate (raw material, finished goods, etc.) create material transaction, and only select the views that have not yet been created. This will “extend” the material and add the additional views. If you need to change the data for the material, you can use MD02.

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