How do I delete or fix a requisition?

Problem: I created a requisition that I do not need. How to delete that extra requisition that is not needed?

1. If you were not sure if the requisition was created, you should have simply run MD04 before creating it again to see if it was already there. Deleting the requisition is easy. One of the assignment folders contains a flash video showing you how to delete a requisition.
Very briefly, all you need to do is: – View the material using MD04 – click on the requisition you want to delete (magnifying glass) – click the pencil icon on the bottom (to change the requisition) – from here, find the waste basket icon to delete the requisition & save – you will end up back at the MD04 screen, and it will look as though the requisition has not been deleted yet, but all you need to do is to hit the refresh button and it will refresh the current data from the SAP database onto your screen, and you will see that the requisition is gone.

2. Another way by using ME52 and it seem to work also.
3. Enter the requisition number and click the Overview button . The “Change: Purchase Requisition: Item Overview” screen is displayed.
4. Click the Select all items button to select all the line items.
5. Follow the menu path: Edit>>Delete. SAP will display a caution message. To delete the requisition, click Yes on the message dialog box.
6. To complete the deletion, click on the Save button . You will see a message confirming that the requisition has been change.

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