How do I reverse a goods receipt?

Problem: How do I reverse a goods receipt? (I need to delete a PO but first I must reverse the receipt to re-open the PO and remove the received PO quantity from stock)

Solution:  Using MD04, you should see that the PO is not open (not visible), and the quantity ordered on the PO is now in stock because you received it.  When you look at ME2M, you will see the PO and you will see that you have received it into stock.  You can tell this because both PO will have a “still to be delivered” quantity of 0.  You cannot delete the extra PO because it is “closed” as it was already received into stock.  Before deleting the PO, you will need to reverse the receipt.  To reverse the receipt of a PO, do the following… run the goods receipt transaction “MB01” again, but this time use movement type “102” which is a reversal of the receipt.  BE SURE that you use enter the PO# in the “Purchase Order” field AND enter the PO item (ex: 00010), as this is the line item that you want to delete. After you reverse the receipt, you should run MD04 (if it is already open in an SAP session, be sure to refresh the screen), and you will not see that your stock quantity is reduced by the PO quantity, and you now will see the PO open again and visible on MD04.  At this point, you can go ahead and delete the PO per the flash video instructions.  NOTE: If you already processed the invoice, you will need to reverse the invoice before you reverse the receipt.

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