Data Selection period vs Object Selection period

How is the Interaction between Data and Person selection period, and Selections in reports based on HR logical databases PNP/PNPCE?

When using logical databases PNP/PNPCE, it’s important to distinguish between the person selection period and the data selection period:

  •  Person Selection period: the system will select all the objects for which a valid record exists (a record that fulfills the selection conditions) within this period. So if you report on an entire year with selection Personnel area DE01, the report will select all the employees that belonged at least one day to this personnel area during this year.
  • Data selection Period: once the objects are selected, the data selection period will be taken into account. This is used to specify the period in which employee data records are read. Only records that overlap this period for at least one day will be read.

So in reports based on LDB PNP/PNPCE, system first select the employees according to the selection conditions and period specified in the person selection period.  Then for those selected employees, the information to be displayed in the output will be read using the data selection period.

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