What should I do if I created a material with the wrong material type? (ex: semi-finished instead of raw material)

Problem: When I am in the Create material: BOM General Item Overview, my item 0020 whose component is 200-02-XXXX comes up with an error message saying “the material 200-02-XXXX, does not exist or is not activated.”  I also ran into a similar problem when creating the raw materials because it said a few of them were already semi finished products.  Is there anyway to just completely erase everything I have done? I feel like starting over might actually be easier.

Solution: You are correct, starting over may be easier, but that is not an option. In the real world, you run into the same problems and an important aspect of this class is the you fix the problems that were created because that is what you would need to do as a professional.

First problem: Material 200-02-XXXX indeed does not exist.  You can check to see if your material exists but running either transaction MM03 (query material), or MD04 (stock / requirements list). You will need to go back and create material 200-02-XXXX per the instructions in the assignment.  BE VERY CAREFUL to run the correct transaction, and use all correct copy-from material information… or you will make the assignment very difficult!  You will not be able to accurately create the BOM for 100-01-XXXX until you create 200-02-XXXX.

Second problem: It appears that you rushed through creating the materials without paying close attention to which transaction to use to create the material. You would not run into this problem because of the flash video demonstrations, because there is a demo transaction for each of the three different “create material” transactions… one for finished goods, one for semi-finished product, and one for creating a raw material. Also, at the top of the screen in parenthesis, it should say “raw material”… this tells you, that you used the correct transaction to create the material.  Next look at the material description (such as “clear screened face”), this will tell you if you copied from the wrong material. The only thing that you need to do for material 200-04-XXXX, is to change it from a”semi-finished product”, to a “raw material”. You will make this change using transaction MMAM, which will allow you to change the material type.   When running MMAM, ener the material number, then the OLD material type (semi-finished product), and then the NEW material type (raw material).

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