Ways to Delete a Personal Number in SAP

Many times you met with some situations in which you need to delete the personal number of any employee from SAP. And such type of situations are like, you hired a wrong employee at wrong time or date. You just hired a person mistakenly or any employee left the company at the same date of joining.  Then you need to delete the info type and personal number for that specific person.

For these reasons you have to follow these simple ways. You must have the authorizations in SAP system for program execution.  So, you have to enter in transaction SE38 and should follow below given steps:-

  1. Go to ABAP Editor and enter program name RPUDELPN
  2. Now, click Execute
  3. Delete Personal Number  Completely
  4. Select the number in selection tab and click to detailed log in process tab
  5. Now click to Yes for confirmation to delete number and all data for the selected number.

By following these steps employee will be removed permanently from the SAP system and the data about that cannot be recovered anymore. And if you want to delete the infotype about that person then you have to use transaction PU00 or PA30.

At last if you want to delete all payroll results you can do it by using PU01. But, you must have noted that it would allow only when the posting has not been done. And can use standard report (RPL*DEL*0*) for deletion of employee.

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