Stock Transfer and transfer posting Steps in SAP

Stock transfer

Stock transfer is nothing but transferring of materials from one plant to another storage location, from plant to plant, plant of company code to plant of another company code. When the stock transfer happens between plants, then the quantity changes in both plants.

stock transager sap

Transfer  posting

Transfer  posting is a removing of materials from one plant and moving to another plant or locations. Examples of transfer postings are as follows.

  1. Postings from material to material, plant to plant
  2. Transfer posting from valuation type to valuation type
  3. Release the quality inspection stock that is moving the stock to unrestricted use in SAP

transfer posting SAP

Difference between stock transfer and transfer posting

The difference between stock transfer and transfer posting are as follows

Stock Transfer      Transfer Posting   
1. Stock transfer is a physical movement of goods and it is a mandatory 1. Physical movement of goods are options in transfer posting
2. Stock transfer consists of goods issue from shipping point & a goods receipt in the receiving point. 2. Special Stock into Company Stock & transfer of stock to one plant to another plant
3. Movements types are 641- shipping, 643 – Cross company. 3. Movement types are 301 – Plant to plant, 309 – Material to material, 311 – Storage location to storage location.
 4. Transaction code – ME27, ME21  4. Transaction code – MB1B

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