Reversing Goods Receipt after an Invoice

When a goods receipt has been performed and an invoice has been posted in the system, a company can make a procedural decision about whether to allow or disallow reversal of goods receipt. For most companies a three way match is performed between purchase order, the goods receipt and the invoice if the quantities and price on the three document match, a company will pay the invoice dan declare the process complete.

However there are problem when the warehouse makes mistake and there is an error with the quantity that was received, A reversal of the goods receipt can’t be processed if the configuration hasn’t been made to allow it after invoice has been paid, therefore a company must make decision about whether to permit the reversal of goods receipt without cancelling the paid invoice, this required change the configuration.

Use transaction OMBZ or follow this SAP Menu path.

IMG/SPRO -> Material Management -> Inventory Management and Physical Inventory -> Goods Receipt -> For GR Based IV, Reversal of GR Despite Invoice.


If your company is going to allow the reversal of goods receipt after the invoice has been posted,check field REVGR DESP IR, as show for movement type in figure, this allow you perform a goods receipt reversal without first deleting invoice, the invoice can be deleted at later.

You can reverse a goods receipt using transaction MIGO, However if the configuration hasn’t been made to allow a reversal of goods receipt after the invoice is paid the transaction won’t process and the system will return message similar to picture below.


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