Post Goods Issue in SAP

Goods Issue

The following training tutorials explains briefly about good issue and how to post goods issue in SAP step by step.

Goods issue is a movement of goods which the materials are issued or drawn to customers is posted. In the SAP system when store persons do transaction goods issue, then systems generates individual documents. It is a movement of material goods where the material are issued or withdrawn and customer is posted.

Important points to be noted.

  1. It is mandatory to check whether any reference document or data existed before posting goods issue.
  2. Update the document reference no (reservation/order). It helps goods issuing department to check the request.
  3. You can post goods issue from the reference of document.
  4. After the materials withdrawn, the reference document is updated and the reversed material quantity is updated automatically.
  5. Goods issue are posted only for materials and not for services.
  6. It is mandatory to know in which financial account is credited and debited when the goods are issued.

Moment types in SAP

moment types

How to post goods issue

1. Goods issue without reference document

  • Transaction code: – MB1A
  • Path: – SAP Menu >> Logistics >> Material management >> Inventory management >> Goods movement >> Goods issue

On the initial screen, update the following fields

  1. By default document date and posting date will be updated posting date
  2. Update the movement type from the options (e.g. 201)
  3. Enter the plant code
  4. Update the reason for movement key from the possible entries.
  5. After updating all the required fields, press enter to continue.

Post goods issue

In next screen, update the details of cost center, material no and its quantity. Click on save button to save the configured data.

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