PA30(or PPOME), can’t resize Object Manager frame(Object Manager is Tiny and cannot be resized)

I am having a weird issue with screen resizing in transaction code PA30 for SAP ERP (currently in EHP 618).

I had dragged the Object Manager frame to the left of the screen all the way, to the left. Now, the dragging icon is not showing up while hovering over the resizing control. I have search through several othe threads related to other where they give tables that save this control, for example SE80 uses table RSEUMOD to save this sort of screen settings, however, I haven’t found any documentation whatsoever for PA30.

Has anyone run into this issue? I am running SAP GUI For Windows 740.

Thanks for your help!


Hi can you check the following:

– Use SAP GUI Classic Design

– Use keyboard to navigate to the docker-sash (till it is highlighted) (just tabbed until the control was highlighted and used arrow keys) and than one can move the sash via left/right or up/downarrow keys

– Try to set the item “Active Window Border” to the smallest possible value and item “Border Padding” to a small value or viceversa in the MS Options dialog “Window * and Appearence”

see note1808509 – Docker in minimal size: not possible to resize via mouse


We found another solution. On the transaction screen with object manager panel, select UI element responsible for resizing with TAB key (vertical bar become highlighted) and resize it with arrow keys. Also you may change WIDTH field in RSEUMOD table for a specific user.

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