My production numbers are incorrect, what should I do to correct this?

Problem: My production numbers are incorrect, what should I do to correct this?   

Solution: MC36 can be used to change your resource hours (for your product group) in case you entered them incorrectly. It is also possible that you set parameters incorrectly for available capacity at your work center… use CR02 to modify capacities.Be sure you know what is going on with the capacity calculations.

For example:
It takes 1.4 hrs to test each unit… this is your bottleneck work center. You set the capacity at your work station by identifying the start / stop / break times / utilization; and number of resources. When you are performing the scheduling the system is multiplying your production schedule by the 1.4 hours to determine total capacity requirements in hours at the paint work center. The available capacity is being calculated by multiplying the available capacity (in hours) at YOUR work center times the available work days in each month. This is why available capacity is different for each month… number of work days in the month and holidays. View your work center capacity… if set up correctly, the capacity (lower right side of screen) shows as 21.6 hours. This is the available capacity per day. When performing the production planning, and determining capacity, it will multiply this 21.6 times the number of work days in the month to determine total monthly available capacity.

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