Message No. HRPAD_DELIMIT004 different behaviour PA40/PA30


 This page will explain why, in some circomstances, error  “Personnel area is only valid until xx/xx/xxxx; select another area Message No. HRPAD_DELIMIT004” is not generated in PA40


Once the delimit function is activated for PD object, error Message No. HRPAD_DELIMIT004 is expected to be displayed. However when running an action on a withdraw employee via PA40 such message will not be generated by design, even though the personnel area has been delimited and is not within range. Also via PA30 this message will be generated


Behaviour is due to note 2207045

In case of PA40 the system correctly changes the employment status to ‘0’ (withdrawn) according to what is maintained in V_T529Afor action ‘retirement’. According to note no. 2207045, the checks if objects are valid only happens for active periods of theemployee but not for inactive periods.

In case of PA30 and copying the action the status does not change to ‘0’ and thus the error message occurs (employee is stillgetting considered as active). So you should use either PA40 which is intended for creating actions or PA30 and create a newactions instead of copying previous one.

Related SAP Notes/KBAs

SAP Note 2207045  – IT0001: Validity periods of personnel subarea also checked for employees who have left the company

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