Information missing if only partial authorization exists


You have information missing only if partial authorization exists.


The infotype-statement in a report based on logical database PNP tells the database to provide all the records of an existing infotype. If the relevant user is not authorized for at least one
of those records, the access to the whole personnel number will be denied. The personnel number is ‘skipped’ by the logical database.

In this case, switch PROC_PERNR_PARTIAL_AUT would be helpful.

The coding which  you have to store within the infoset in the area of DATA coding (SQ02, edit, GOTO->CODE->DATA) are:


These commentary lines will configure the generator accordingly. Generate the infoset and generate your query as well using function QUERY->MORE_FUNCTIONS->GENERATE_PROGRAM(don’t forget to restart transaction SQ01 before, otherwise, there might be a buffering problem).

Please refer to note 305118 for further information.

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