How to Maintain Quotation in SAP

Maintain Quotation

The following step guides you to maintain quotation in SAP step by step.Vendor communicates price for material and the Request for Quotation(RFQ) needs to be updated in SAP.

Step 1:  – Access the transaction using one of the following navigation options

SAP R/3 path: – Logistics > Materials Management > Purchasing> RFQ/quotation > Quotation > Maintain

Transaction Code: -ME47

Step 2: – On the Maintain Quotation: Initial Screen, enter the RFQ  and press enter to continue

RFQStep 3: – Select line item to enter the details quantity and date, update vendor details

RFQ Vendor

After updating all the mandatory fields, choose save button to save the quotation.

rfq overview

Successfully quotation are maintained in SAP.

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