How to Define Employee Attributes SAP

Define Employee Attributes in SAP HR

SAP IMG Path: – SPRO >> SAP Reference IMG (F5) >> Personnel Management > Personnel Administration >> Organisation Data >> Organisation Assignment >> Define Employee Attributes

Define Employee Attributes SAP Path

select “Define employee attributes” in next screen relevant country grouping code and press enter

country grouping

In next screen maintain the entries under Activity status, Employment status, Training status

Possible entries under “activity status” field are

  • 1= Active Employees
  • 2= Retiree
  • 3= Early retiree
  • 4= Part time work for retirees

Possible entries for “employment status” are

  • 1= Industrial worker/hourly paid worker
  • 2= Salaried employee
  • 3= Civil servant
  • 9= Other

Possible entries under “training status” are

  • 1= Trainee/apprentice
  • 2= Trained
  • 9= Other

Define Employee Attributes SAP

Choose Save icon to save the entries.

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