How to Create Work Center in SAP

Creation of Work Center

The following steps guides you to create work center step by step in SAP.

SAP R/3 Path: – SAP Menu > Logistics > Production > Master Data > Work Centers > Work Center > Create

Transaction Code: – CR01

Step 1:- Enter T-Code CR01 in the SAP command field and press enter

Enter the “Plant code” “Work center name” and “work center category” in the initial screen.

create work center initial screen

Step 2: – Enter work center nameperson responsible, usagestandard value key, and efficiency rate as 100.

create work center basic data.

Step 3: – Click on “default values” and enter control key and standard values unit.

create work center default values

Step 4: – Click on “capacities” update capacity category and processing formula.

create work center capacities

Step 5: – In next screen, enter the following fields – capacity planner group, factory calendar ID, grouping, unit measure, standard available capacity and Planning details.

create work center capacities general data

Step 6: – Click on “interval button” and enter valid date from and to end shift

create work center capacities general

After updating all the mandatory fields, click on save icon to save configured data.

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