How to Create Purchase Order (PO) for Stock Material in SAP

Create Purchase Order (PO) for Stock Material

SAP R/3 Menu Path: – SAP Menu > Logistics > Materials Management > Purchasing > Purchase Order > Create>Vendor/Supplying Plant Known

Transaction Code: – ME21N – Create PO
                                         ME22N – Change PO
                                         ME23N – Display PO

If you want create purchase order with reference to the purchase requisition (PR),

> select variant and slect purchase reqstion option,

> Enter the PR number and select exeecute button

> Select PR # and select adopt button, then system will automatically adopt all the data from purchase requisition


Enter vendor code in the vendor field

vendor code

  • Enter purchase orginization
  • Enter new price of the material and currency
  • Update storage location
  • Enter requisitioner user name

PO org data

Select account assignment tab under item option and update the following data

  • Enter appropriate G/L code
  • Enter business area
  • Enter WBS element

PO account assignment

Select invoice tab and update tax code

PO Invoice

Select delivery /invoice tab and update payment terms and incoterms

PO delivery

After after all the mandatory fields, press save button to save the PO data.

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