How to Create Bills of Material (BOM) in SAP

Create Bills of Material (BOM)

The following steps guide you to create Bills of Material (BOM) step by step in SAP.

SAP R/3 Menu Path: – SAP Menu > Logistics > Production -> Master Data > Bills of Material > Bill of Material > Material BOM > Create

Transaction Code: – CS01

Step 1: – Enter transaction code CS01 in the SAP command field and press enter to continue.

bom cs01

Step 2: – Update the following data and press enter to continue.

  1. Enter Material number
  2. Enter plant code and BOM usage

bills of material

Step 3: – If already BOM exists for a material, then the system automatically gives a message to the user that a second alternative bills of material (BOM) is being created.

  • Enter item category
  • Enter material in the component field
  • Update quantity and unit

How to Create Bills of Material (BOM) in SAP

Double click on item 0010 and you can you the item details and you can change the quantity in item data.

basic data bom

After entering all of the components and quantities data, click on “Save” button to save the configured bills of material (BOM) data.

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