How do I reduce my stock quantity if it is too high?

Problem: I ran MB1C three times and ended up adding 110 three times and the stock quantity is now 330 instead of 110. How do I reduced the stock quantity from 330 to 110?

Solution: Run transaction MB1C again, and this time you will remove stock quantity instead of adding it.  Run the transaction as you did in previous assignments, but instead of using movement type 561 (add to stock), you will use movement type 562 (which will reduce the stock quantity). You will need to reduce it by 220. After running MB1C, verify the results again with MD04.  Remember that if you have two SAP sessions open, after you run MB1C, you must refresh the MD04 screen to see the results. The next important part is to run MRP again for your material.  After you do this, take a look at the material again with MD04, and you will see that it created new replenishment’s to order the extra needed material.

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