Half day absence not prorating basic remuneration Wage Types


Half day absence (Or generically, less than one day) is not causing salary reduction in the Factoring payroll subschema.


You are using standard payroll period factors /801 or /802. Either /801 and /802 don’t consider less than one day absences.

In the international schema X000 you can see how partial period factors are calculated:

See Subschema XPPF (Or any of the local versions).


AAUxx and KAUxx partial period factors do not support < 1 day. For that you should use the absence hours in SAUxx

You only get the number of calendar days and working days for which the employee was completely absent.
Absences for partial days are not counted.

You can, however, rely on the number of hours: every hour of absence
is recorded there.

You could use this to convert the number of absence hours into days, i.e. if the employee missed 1,5 days of 8 hours each, you would get 12 hours of absence and could then calculate the number of days from it.

Also, going to our documentation it says:

AAUxx: Unpaid absence measured in workdays.

Alternative solution

Keep a 50% in t554c and record a full-day absence called half day leave. In this case if you need to know the exact hours, you can record them in another absence not relevant for payroll or presence.

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