Error message RP 0302 ‘No entry in table T510’


This article will explain the reason for this error message


when creating or updating IT0008 via PA30 or via forms, error/warning message RP 302 ” IndVal of wage type XXXX: No entry in table T510″

Pay scale table V_T710CL_B

Employee is assigned payment detailed based on a pay scale (type/area) from table cluster (maintained via SM34) V_T710CL_B. In this scenario in IT0008 field CPIND is set to S-pay grade structure.

Wage type configuration in T511

However the wage type being evaluated is set to indirect valuation in table V_T511 with module TARIF. In this scenario field CPIND will be set to T, meaning payscale levels from table T510) as it should be valuated indirectly with module TARIF (see table T511).

Thus in inconsistency as the table is not maintained and the error message is genearted

Note: that for an employee paid on the basis of a salary structure(CPIND=S) no wagetypes that refer to a payscale level structure (CPIND=T) should be valuated indirectly based on module TARIF. They cannot be used together. In order to avoid the error message RP 032 from appearing you either need to change the wagetype configuration of XXXX in table T511 so that no indirect evaluation module is used or use another wagetype for the employee with the issue

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