Enhancing the List Screen


Choose Enhance List Screen.

In the Infotype Number field, enter the four-digit number of the infotype you want to enhance.

You must enter leading zeros for the infotype number.

Enter the screen number of the list screen you want to enhance (usually screen number 3000 for infotypes without versions).

Choose Generate Objects.

You see the message ZPLISnnnn does not exist . How do you want to continue?

Choose Create

You branch to the ABAP dictionary structure maintenance.

Enter a short description for the structure ZPLISnnnn.

Enter an enhancement category. To do this, choose Extras  Enhancement Category.

Define the customer-specific components (infotype fields).

Save and check the structure ZPLISnnnn .

The system also creates an include program ZPnnnn40 in program ZPnnnn00.

Go back.

You go back to the initial screen of the transaction.

Choose Module Pool (Form Routine) → Edit

Make the required modifications in the form FILL_LISTSTRUCT to fill the components of structure ZPLISnnnn for the additional list fields.


You have added fields to the standard list screen for an infotype. The additional list fields are displayed in the output of the list screen of infotype nnnn (usually screen number 3000).

The FORM routine FILL-LISTSTRUCT is called for each data record in the list.

Structure ZPLISnnnn is identified when it is generated with a TABLES statement in the program ZPnnnn00.

The fields can be filled from the Pnnnn structure or by reading text tables.

Deleting the additional fields

You can delete the fields that have been added to the standard list screen.

You do this on the Enhance List Screen screen of the Create Infotype transaction (PM01) by choosing List Screen  Delete Enhancement.

The fields in structure ZPLISnnnn are removed from the standard list screen.

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