Enhancement of standard OM infotypes

We know that PA infotypes can be created and enhanced very easily using PM01 tcode. We rarely need a business scenario wherein we require to enhance OM infotypes. However, recently I encountered one such scenario and though of sharing my work so others can find it useful if any such requirements need to be fulfilled.

Tcode  PPCI can be used for creating, changing and enhancing OM infotypes.

1. In our scenario, we will try to enhance infotype 7403 (External Work Experience) and will add some custom fields to it. To enhance any infotype, we will give Infotype number and then use wizard button as below.


2. In the next screen that pops-up, choose CI include (customer include) and press on create button.


3. Add the required fields, maintain enhancement category and activate CI structure.


4. Our infotype will be enhanced and above two fields will be added in the customer include.

In SE11, table structure for our infotype before and after verifies our work.

a. Before enhancement table structure contains empty CI include and hence no enhancements.


b. After enhancement, our fields are added to the structure as below.


5. If you want to revert back the changes, you can do so by clicking on menu option ‘Enhancement’ in PPCI and clicking on Delete Enhancement.


Click on ‘Yes’ in Confirmation prompt.


6. Since IT7403 is updated through portal, we need require to create a module pool and associate screen no in T582C table. For OM infotypes which are maintained through Screen programming, one need to maintain screen for the module pool associated with the infotype in T582C (via SM30).

7. Function module RH_INSERT_INFTY_EXP can be used to insert data in the enhanced infotype.

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