Early or Late Coming and Generation OT by T555Z

I. Purpose

In order to deeply understand Time Schema, this document will guide you how to check early/ late coming and generate Overtime by configuration in T555Z.

II. Solution

1. Checking early/ late coming

First, you have to get Start Working Time in Planned Working Time (IF0007) of employee. Creating PCR ZSWT


HRS=SNTB     Start of normal working hours => Time type 9000 will hold this value – Start Working Time of employee.

After having start working time, comparing it with first check in (clock in) as in PCR ZE/L


HRS=PBEG it’s the first check in.

HRS-D9000 minus first check in with start working time holded in Time Type 9000

HRS?0 comparing with 0.

Who comes early, Time Type 9002 (Early coming) will be updated.

Otherwise, Time Type 9003 (Late coming) will be updated.

Now merging 2 new PCRs into Time Schema ZM00 (it’s copied from standard Time Schema TM00).


2. Generation Overtime

In the Time Type Determination view (V_T555Z), you define which time types and processing types the

TIP entries are assigned, based on the time identifier and the pair type:

Pair type 0: Unrecorded times

Pair type 1: Attendances from time postings and planned pairs

Pair type 2: Absences (infotype 2001)

Pair type 3: Attendances (infotype 2002) and off-site work postings

Calculation Overtime bases on Clock in / out, so you have to configure with Pair type 1


In order to understand, look at processing in Time Schema with Function TIMTP (Assign time type to time pair)


Planned Working Time: 09:00 – 17:00 (Break from 13:00 – 14:00)

Time Events: clock in on 08:00 and clock out on 19:00

After processing with TIMTP (basing configuration on T555Z), results are:


How it processes? because the meaning of all ID in T555Z (from 01 to 09)

01 = Overtime, unapproved (outside of planned working time)

02 = Fill time (during planned working time, without core times)

03 = Core time

04 = Core time break

05 = Fill time break

06 = Paid break

07 = Unpaid overtime break (infotype 2005)

08 = Paid overtime break (infotype 2005)

09 = Overtime break

=> from 08:00 to 09:00 (before start working time, ID’s 01), 1 hour Overtime will be assigned into Time Type 0310

=> from 09:00 to 13:00 (working time, ID’s 02), from 14:00 to 17:30 (working time, ID’s 02), insert into Time Type 0110

=> from 13:00 to 14:00 (break time, ID’s 05), Time Type 0510 will be updated.

=> from 17:30 to 19:00 (after end working time, ID’s 01), 1.5 hours Overtime for Time Type 0310.

III. Testing

One employee has working time from 01st-Jan-13 to 06th-Jan-13 as below (note 01-Jan-13 is Holiday)


Actual working time:


These are reports after running Time Schema.

Report for early/ late coming (01 Jan is Holiday and 06 Jan is Sun, not calculate on these days)

Report E&L.png

Employee came Early on 02-Jan and 05-Jan and Late on 03-Jan and 04-Jan. It’s exactly.

Report for Overtime:


Overtime on 01 Jan and 06-Jan are full days as 2 days are Holiday and Sunday – no working time. Overtime on 02-Jan and 05-Jan are correctly as well.

Hope you have more knowledge and tobe clear time schema and configuration in T555Z

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