Duplicate lines do not displayed in query (Ex. Infotype 0015, 0014)


Duplicate lines do not displayed in query (Ex. Infotype 0015, 0014)


When running queries that extract information about wage types, like for example with infotype 0015 additional payments, it could happen that employee has two identical records. When running the query for a period when these two identical records exist, just one is displayed.


This system behavior is according to the standard. If the output fields of two records are identical,they are summarized in one line. The output depends on the reporting period and on the selected fields of the query.

There are two possible solutions:

  1. Add a new output field, that differentate the two concerned records (please note, that two records never can be absolutely identical, in any case they have different values for field SEQNR)
  2. Check to control this as follows: All you have to do is to store the following coding within the infoset in the area of DATA coding (SQ02, edit, GOTO->CODE->DATA):

    *$HR$ [COMMON]

    These commentary lines will configure the generator accordingly. Generate the infoset and generate your query as well using function QUERY->MORE_FUNCTIONS->GENERATE_PROGRAM (don’t forget to restart transaction SQ01 before, otherwise, there might be a buffering problem).

    This is also explained in the document attached to SAP note 305118.

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