Define Material Master record | Create Material Codes

Create Material Master Record in SAP

The following tutorial guides you how to definematerial master record (material codes) in SAP step by step with screen shots.

Material Master is the master record of company’s main source of material-specific data. This information is arranged in several pages or views such as –

  • Basic Data 1
  • Classification
  • Sales organization
  • General Plant Data / Storage
  • Sales text
  • Purchasing
  • Quality management
  • Accounting

SAP menu path :- Logistics >> Material Management >> Material Master >> Material >> Create (General)

  • MM01 – Create Material master
  • MM02 – Change material 
  • MM03 – View material Master

Enter Transaction Code MM01 in the SAP command field and press enter

Update the following fields

Material :- Enter the new material code you wants to create

Industry Sector : – Select industry sector from the list

Material Type :- Select appropriate material type

Define Material Master record

Press enter and the pop-up window will be open

Select the required views and press enter to input the organizational levels.

Define Material Master record

Basic Data 1 : – Update all the required data such as material group, unit of measure, item category

  • In the Material field enter the material description
  • In the basic unit of measure and material group field “enter the unit of measure and material group
  • In the packing material data field “enter the data if the material is returnable packing as VERP and non returnable packing as LEIH”

Define Material Master record

Sales Organisation levels :- Update all the required data.

Define Material Master record

Purchasing :- Update all the required information related to purchase data

Define Material Master record

Accounting views :- Update all the required data such as valuation class, price control, moving price.

Define Material Master record

After entering all the details, click on save icon the material.

Message will be displayed as material code created.




Successfully we have created SAP material master record in SAP.

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