Create Request for Quotation (RFQ)

Create Request for Quotation

Request for Quotation (RFQ) is used to enquiry in market to obtain quotations from prospective vendors. RFQ can be created with reference to Purchase Requisition, Outline Agreement (Contract) and another RFQ.

SAP R/3 Path: – Logistics > Material Management >Purchasing >RFQ/quotation >Request for Quotation > Create

Transaction Code: – ME41

Step 1: – On the Create RFQ: Initial Screen, enter the following data.

  • Enter the RFQ type as “AN”
  • Enter the Quotation Deadline
  • Enter Purch. Organisation and Purchasing group
  • Enter plant and storage location

create RFQ

Step 2: – Enter the Collective No to  track of all RFQ’s related to particular instance and reference data.

create RFQ Header data

Step 3: – On the Create RFQ: Item overview screen, enter the following data.

  1. Enter the appropriate item category
  2. Enter the Material No
  3. Enter the RFQ Quantity
  4. Enter the Deliv. Date
  5. Enter the Plant code
  6. Enter the Submission date

cerate RFQ Item overview

Step 4: – Click on vendor address button on the tool bar, on Create RFQ: Vendor Address screen

Enter vendor code and press enter and the vendor details will be displayed automatically.

cerate RFQ create vendor code

Step 5: – Choose save button to save the Request for Quotation (RFQ). Vendor Address screen allows to create same RFQ data to a new vendors.

cerate RFQ create vendor codes

Similarly create RFQ for other vendors in the same screen and RFQ Nos will be generated.

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